Things Coming Full Circle?

Are things coming full circle for Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre?  It appears so with the report on from Chris Mortensen that the New York Jets have received permission to talk to Favre.  So I say this:

Trade Favre.  To the Jets.

It works out perfectly.  The Jets need a quarterback.  Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens have not been getting the job done.  Clemens has shown flashes of brilliance, but he is not ready to take over an NFL team now.  Maybe in a few years.  After Favre retires.  New York is not an NFC team.  They have the talent to win.  They also have to the pieces to fail miserably and expose Favre as being extremely selfish.  I have no idea what the Jets have to offer as compensation and what not, but I say go for it.  Ted Thompson can finally move on to his true love, Aaron Rodgers, and Rodgers can finally PLAY.  It makes the team younger and gives the team a bigger window of opportunity.

I feel like the Jets are definitely the right fit for Favre.  He isn’t going to a team where there are 50,484,382 other quarterbacks, otherwise known as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Plus, he will still be wearing green.  For those idiots who don’t know, Favre was supposed to be a Jet, but the Atlanta Falcons intervened.

But yeah, Favre as a Jet.  It just feels right to me.

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  • Brad Cotter

    Really? You really think the circus that will be Brett Farve in a Jets uniform will do anything more than suppliment the new stadiums PSL’s? I just don’t see it… I’d be watching every game, but as all Packer fans know that besides last year when the Packers finally had a legit running game and defense, Farve was an interception machine. Granted he’s a big upgrade in talent over Pennington or Clemens, but Mangini comes from the school of run the ball, play defense, and don’t turn it over… Farve tries to fit balls into tight spaces at bad times of the game. He’s now 38 years old and will be learning a new offense in the big city??? If they do this, it’s a huge mistake. Jets fans will by the tickets, watch the games and pay the stupid PSL that they’ve done nothing to deserve. I’ve been a Jets fan as long as i’ve lived, and my father had season tix while I grew up and this Farve tour is gonna be all about extending records and not about the NY Jets… I can’t watch the NFL Network anymore because I’m so sick of hearing Farve’s name, and when we have a 4 point lead against New England and Farve throws a pick instead of throwing the ball away like he has for the past 5 years in Green Bay, then we’ll all realize that we’d be better off with a game manager… The last umteen teams to win a Superbowl did it with running the ball, defense and a game manager… Eli managed the game, Peyton (terrible playoff stats, but Addai and Rhodes took up the slack while the defense was solid.) All Brady’s Superbowls came from a big time running game and so-called Belicheck genius defense (cheatin’ bastard). Keep going back and that’s what wins in the playoffs. Even when Farve won his one Superbowl, he did it with a huge running game, great defense(reggie white) and he didn’t turn the ball over. He’s not that guy anymore. Even last year they had a solid D and running game, and still what happened in the playoffs. Interception at home to propell the G-Men to the Superbowl. People were calling for Eli’s and Tom Coughlin’s job before the season. It takes time to gel… Let’s give what we have in place a chance. Farve’s a mistake, let Tampa Bay make it!!!

  • DJ

    I see where you’re coming from Brad, but this is more about the Packers and my feelings on it.  I really don’t know how New York would fit him as I am not really following them, but from my POV as a Packers fan, seeing him in an AFC city is much more relaxing than seeing him in Tampa.

  • Brad Cotter

    I definitely hear ya, I think the Pack are in a good situation right now with a couple young arms and a good group of young core players. I think I’m one of the only Jet fans who feel like this because the rest seem to think Farve is the answer. If I was you I’d rather him in the AFC too, I just think the rest of the Jets fans are so desperate for a big name QB, we’ll mortgage everything we’re trying to build for Farve outta retirement. The fact that the Pack Organization doesn’t want him back and would rather the unproven Rodgers sends up a huge red flag to me. Pack are making the right decision and should get whatever they can for him!