Brett Favre Has Much In Common With Michael Jackson

Who was Michael Jackson writing all those songs for during his career? Some lucky lady?


Brett Favre.

I was doing some investigating for a Jackson tribute post comparing Jackson’s song titles to players and teams in the NFL. For example, the song “Bad” was matched up with the Detroit Lions because the Lions were, well, bad (“horrendous” is my word choice, but MJ doesn’t have a song called “Horrendous”). Favre was on that list in it’s infancy under the song “Circus Girl” (more on that later). I was looking for more songs. And every song I looked at reminded me of Favre. Am I serious? Yes, I am. Favre parallels the Jackson song titles quite well. Almost too well…

“Bad” – Originally for the Lions, this aptly describes Favre play for the New York Jets down the stretch in 2008. And hopefully it will describe is play in 2009 for the Minnesota Vikings.
“Circus Girl” – The circus follows Favre everywhere. Originally this was usually applied to ESPN’s tendency to be on their knees 24/7 for Favre, but the circus tent has gotten bigger as NFL Network has joined in (Scott Hanson staking out Favre’s plane was just too much). Also, many people think Favre is a girl. Something that his intense waffling and teary-eyed “retirement press conference” exuded.

“Cry” – Just watch this video. Self-explanatory.

“Dangerous” – Favre with the ball. He’d burn the defense deep or burn his offense with a pick. Either way, danger was imminent.

“Dirty Diana” – For all intensive purposes, I’m calling this one “Dirty Deanna” as it has been suggested that Deanna Favre is the one that has a problem with Ted Thompson and that she is the one driving him to come back.

“Don’t Walk Away” – What legions of fans told Favre to do.

“Fly Away” – I feel this one suits Brett the Jet. He flew away to the Big Apple, but as the season ended, I think all he wanted to do was “Fly Away.”

“For All Time” – Favre is an all-time quarterback. He’ll still be a Packer for all-time in most people’s eyes.

“Give In To Me” – Favre wanted the Packers to give in to him and give him his job back last summer. Thompson didn’t blink and Aaron Rodgers is the Packers new franchise quarterback.

“History” – So much history around Favre in all his records. Touchdowns, yards, interceptions, it’s all there. Not to mention he played on the hallowed tundra of Lambeau Field.

“Invincible” – Favre thought he was indeed invincible and his play showed it. Consecutive games streak. You need to be nearly invincible to do that.

“Money” – According to multiple sources, money and a contract is the only thing between Favre and Minnesota purple.

“Morphine” – A low blow here, but we all know how much Favre loved his painkillers…

“Never Can Say Goodbye” – I don’t think he will ever be able to say goodbye to the game. He’ll be on the sidelines in a hospital bed asking Brad Childress to put him in.

“One More Chance” – For Brett, one more chance to play in New York has turned into one more chance to play in Minnesota. God only knows how many chances he’ll have before he’s done.

“They Don’t Care About Us” – I’d guess that’s how Brett and Deanna felt after supposedly being forced out of Green Bay by Ted Thompson. Of course Brett, the whole world’s against you.

“Thriller” – I’m sure most of you scrolled down to this one on the list first. Favre was an entertainer. He was a thriller. His game was to thrill you with the touchdowns and then kill you with the interceptions. But damn, watching some of those games were some of the most thrilling experiences a fan could have watching football. It’s one of the reasons that people still want to watch him. He’s a thriller, hands down.

So what do you all out there have? Comment with your Favre connections to MJ songs. 80 points for whoever can come up with one for “Superfly Sister.”

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