Fox says, "We blew it!"

Favre Watch: Fox Says “We Blew It!”

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  • BJ Puttbrese

    However, if Favre were still with the Packers, it’s likely the 31 sacks would’ve taken even a greater toll on his playing ability than it has Rodgers.

  • ehplumber

    Favre knows how and when to get rid of the ball. Rodgers doesnt. There is no stat for the left-handed, under-handed toss, while being tackled that gets the first down, or running down field to make a block that springs his running back for a 40 yard run. He was a winner that we had and let go. Lets face it, we “cough, thompson” made a horrible and ugly decision. Our beloved QB was shown the door and now our team is paying for it. I dont know if I can route for my Packers till the guy that pulled the trigger is gone! It is a sad day for me.