Green Bay Packers Super Bowl Photo; Sans IR Players? BULL!

The Green Bay Packers are my favorite NFL team in the universe. You will rarely hear me say anything negative about the team or the organization.

However, I have heard that the Packers organization is planning to take the team Super Bowl photo without the 15 players that are listed on IR. No Ryan Grant, no Nick Barnett, no Jermichael Finley… and the list goes on.

This is absurd!  Every one of those men contributed to the team getting where they are today.  Whether they were injured on the field in battle, or injured during practices.. it doesn’t matter.  They are a part of the 2010 Green Bay Packers TEAM and should be included in the Super Bowl photo.

If this is a matter of timing, the current players arrive on Monday, picture day is Tuesday and the IR players arrive Thursday.. I have a solution.  Don’t take the photo until Thursday.  There.  Fixed that for you.

Seriously, the Packers fans would much rather have a picture that includes the entire team.  Not a picture of those who were fortunate enough to survive this brutal NFL year without season ending injuries.

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  • preston

    you r write a team is a team hurt or not just bull shit go packers

  • Tony

    Oh man, that is unbelieveable! No Tauscher, Bigby, etc? They better think better of that idea before the shutter snaps, and if not…I hope fans will protest the images once they are released. I will, that’s for sure. Get it together Packer Management. Cause they’re hurt, they didn’t contribute? They got hurt playing for YOU! GO PACK GO!!!

  • Bruce

    Hopefully they can get the time switched so the fragile egos can be restored. Amazing only two players who happen to be twitterheads get so upset that they have to twitter their feelings of disrespect to their followers.

    Yes, they should have included them in the team picture. Still not sure if this is the Packers team picture or a picture for the SuperBowl.

  • Alan

    I hope you heard wrong . . . I would not be right . . . all the players make a TEAM!

  • Steve fisher

    why not take a picture of the current team, then take one that includes the injured reserve players?

  • Maggie

    I really feel that if one contributed to the team, even for one game, before being injured, then he is part of the Superbowl team. Take the picture with EVERYONE. This is unfair to the IR players. They already missed out playing this season, and watched their team fight for this chance without playing alongside. Why are you taking away the last chance of feeling like part of a Superbowl team? They didn’t choose to sit out this season on IR.

  • Mark Murray

    No, Ryan Grant didnt even finsih the first game so I don’t think he earns to be in the photo. If I were Ryan Grant I wouldnt want to be in the photo. You have to look in the Players point of view.

  • Les Braze

    IR’s are part of the team!

  • Wesley

    Do IR players get a ring in the Packers win? If so then they should be in the photo, if not who cares…

  • Harvey Hurd

    coming from the packer management it does not surprise me.

  • Bruce

    The goal is to win the SuperBowl. It’s a crazy week so I understand the coaches/management want everything done in an organized and timely manner. From what I’ve read and heard, the players like packer management; certainly getting to the big game has to say something about the Packers org. with the injuries they’ve had.

    I don’t even know what the policy is for players on IR when there’s a game. Can they be on the sidelines? Many of the IR players don’t come to games. No, I’m not counting that against them. Most IR players are at their our of state home once they’re out for the year. Much better for rehab/training in the long run.

    The decision to not have them in the team photo looks bad. My hunch is they thought it would be too difficult to get all the players together. Btw, the practice squad players aren’t in the picture are they?

    The goal is a superbowl win with zero distractions. This would have never been an issue if it had stayed within the organization and not on Twitter.

  • Kevin

    I completely see the players point. On the other hand the picture would be an arial shot this year if you add all the IR players. Is this a photo of the team throughout the year or the 53 man roster that will be on the field for that game? To find a precident I looked up the super bowl 31 team picture to see if Robert Brooks was in it. After a long time searching I finally found one. Brooks is in it but it also appears as if the photo was taken at Lambeau before the season. Maybe I found the wrong picture

  • Steve Rutten

    Packers management is making this a distraction May-be they should look at the players that got them to this point. Some of them are on IR right now. And don’t give any of the crap about there being to many players in the photo, Collage football photos have over 100 players in them. Lets just face it, Packers just made another bad chose. OH YA and the cheerleaders can’t go either!!!!

  • Suzanne

    This is just terrible. Those guys belong on that photo as much as anyone else. They are warriors and, in addition to their physical injuries, you know they’re hurting because they can’t play. There must be a way to get them in the photo. Isn’t there a way to start a petition or email drive to management? Don’t all the stakeholders have a say? Let’s try and do something!

  • Suzanne

    If the goal is, in fact, to have a photo of the 53 playing in the Superbowl game, then take a separate photo of the IR players and print/publish/post them together. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that this is a potential PR disaster or to find a simple solution. And does the team management really want to tick off these starters like this?

  • MilwPacFan

    It would have been different if the IR’s stuck it out and still went to practice and kept up team moral instead of assuming the season is over and hi-tailing it out of state. Oh, but wait, Packers are now going to SuperBowl. I want back in! Where were they the last 5 weeks!

  • Devin

    they waited til friday, everyone was in the picture, on they have the entire article about it