Rex Ryan's outrageous claim that his Jets would have beaten the Green Bay Packers in Super Bowl XLV is way off base.

Rex Ryan is way off base


Rex Ryan … The very name raises my hackles … His bombastic, obnoxious “style” makes me I’ll. In my mind, he’s a ego maniac whose abrasive personality and self-centered goals will in the end doom him to failure. Yeah, his teams will win some games during his tenure in  New York, but his immature view of reality will buy him a ticket out of The Big Apple much sooner than later. He will eventually end up like his father … Viewed as a brilliant assistant coach, but a failure as the head guy.
So, should I tell you what I really feel?
Rex Ryan is an idiot and nothing exemplifies this more than the statement he has made in his new book, “Play Like You Mean It: Passion, Laughs and Leadership in the World’s Most Beautiful Game.” 
Ryan, with Don Yaeger, has published the book containing this nugget of brilliance: “I thought Green Bay was going to have the upper hand on Pittsburgh [in the Super Bowl]. Their passing attack was giving everyone problems. But I truly believe we would have beaten Green Bay. We only lost to them 9-0 during the season, and we gave them two of the field goals because of mistakes.”
Talk about a reach.
It’s only individuals like this who can come up with logic that goes beyond belief.
Here’s a coach who had his team so ill-prepared in the AFC championship game that the Jets fell behind by three scores just minutes in and couldn’t overcome the deficit even when the Steelers let up in the second half to save players for the big stage in Dallas against the Packers.
I don’t get it.
Despite 15 players on IR, the Packers were clearly the better team in the Super Bowl, regardless if it were the Steelers or the Jets they faced.
Ryan simply sets himself up for failure making statements like this. Maybe he feels it’s motivational … To me it only diminishes the talents of his own players and shows that his reality lies in the “shoulda, coulda, woulda” of the NFL. It’s easy to make excuses, but until Ryan can lead his team to a Super Bowl appearance and actually win the big game, he needs to keep his mouth shut and coach.
I can see why Belichick dislikes this guy … He’s all bluster and no substance … He’s the fat bully sitting in the back row shooting spit wads, smarting off to the teacher and paying a daily visit to the principal’s office. 
It’s time grow up, Rex. Stop making excuses and start coaching your team like a real leader. 
You might want to take a page out of the playbook of that one coach who you feel you could have beaten … Mike McCarthy. 
Now there’s a class act and a real winner who doesn’t make excuses … He coaches and treats others in the league with respect … That’s a lesson you so desperately need to learn … Right after learning to keep your mouth shut.

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