C'mon Man! Goodell Hints NFL May Contribute to Vikings Stadium Crisis










Are you for real Roger Goodell? Why on God’s green earth would you even entertain the thought of helping the Minnesota Vikings get a new stadium?  This isn’t your battle, this is between the Vikings and the people who live in Minnesota who want the new taxes or don’t and the Minnesota state legislation!

If there’s that kind of money in the NFL’s budget to bail out the cry baby Vikings organization, why the hell are we going through a Lockout?

Just take the millions of dollars you think you can give the Vikes and split it up amongst the NFL owners and players and let’s get back to football.  And if the Vikings can’t muster up the votes they need to get the deal done in Minnesota, so be it.  No one else really cares if they reside in the land of lakes or elsewhere.

Per a very unscientific poll of the few Vikings fans that I know, they don’t live in Minnesota and really don’t care if they move to another state.  They will continue to follow their team regardless. (As a true fan should.)

Let them figure it out for themselves.  Wilf is rich, he can throw as much money into the stadium as he wants, just like he does with every other decision they make.

Now, for a little Vikes bashing: (This is a really old joke, but still fitting)

One season, the Vikings and Packers ended the year tied. Every tiebreaker the NFL had was used to break the tie, but the tie remained. Which team would be the NFC Central Champion? The NFL office was consulted. They said to figure it out locally, something like a coin toss would be fine. Well, Minnesota and Wisconsin being the fishing states they are, someone got the idea of a 3-day fishing contest. Both teams agreed.

On the first day, the Packers caught 100 fish, while the Vikings caught none. On the second day, the Packers again caught fish, 200 this time. Once again, the Vikings were skunked. Things were looking bad for the Vikings – the Viking coach was desperate. He called one of his players aside, and dressed him in green and gold. “Go over to the Packer camp and find out what they’re doing!” he was told.

The Viking player returned a couple of hours later. “I know what they’re doing Coach!” he reported excitedly. “Well what is it? asked the Coach.

“They’re drilling holes thru the ice!”    




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