Matt Ryan may win som fantasy points against the Packers, but Green Bay will win the game.

Gonzalez, you're full of it ... and yourself

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Tony Gonzalez has gone on record saying that Matt Ryan is Moses … that Matty Ice (God, I hate that nickname) is ready to lead the Falcons to the promised land.

With so much hype over the choice of a rookie receiver, Julio Jones, being the missing piece that has been added to a team that went into the playoffs last year as the number one seed, one has to wonder what these hypsters are smoking.

Are you telling me that a rookie receiver, a young man who has never, ever caught a pass in the NFL, is going to take a team to the Super Bowl merely because he shows up on the field with a team that failed miserably in the second round of the playoffs against the Packers last year? The Packers put up nearly 50 points against the number one seed in that playoff game and what do the Falcons do? They give up a boatload of draft picks to go after an untried commodity, saying he is the answer.

Well, with all due respect to Allen Iverson … this guy ain’t the answer.

Do you think the Falcons even looked at reasons why the Packers decimated them in that game? Can anyone spell D-E-F-E-N-S-E?

Instead of looking to the draft to stock the defensive side of the ball, they go after a receiver.

Wall, all the better for the rest of the NFC, especially the NFC South. No doubt the Saints and Buccaneers pick up two wins each against their southern bretheren from Atlanta.

In pronouncing Ryan ready to lead the Falcons to a Super Bowl, here is what Gonzalez said:

He’s ready. He’s at that point in his career where, like most players, you really don’t come into your own as a football player in the NFL until right around Year Three, Four, Five. Usually quarterbacks, through history, they usually take three, four years to really hit that peak. Matt, he’s at Year Four, and he’s just going to keep getting better. I think the Falcons, (GM) Thomas(Dimitroff), has surrounded him with some really good players.”

I agree, that quarterbacks don’t come into their own until they have at lest three years experience … that’ where Ryan is. However, football is a team sport and there are several other teams out there that have taken far better actions to secure their futures as well as position themselves for a run at this year’s Super Bowl.

Consider the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; consider the Philadelphia Eagles; New York Giants; Detroit Lions; … and what about the defending world champion Green Bay Packers?

Sorry, Mr. Gonzalez. You’re all wet … in fact, you just may be all washed up on this one. It takes more than the addition of a single player to raise a team to Super Bowl level. Look at what the Packers defeated you with last year … a team with 15 of its players, more than half of them starters, on injured reserve. In other words, it was the backups that beat you …

Wow! Mr. Gonzalez, you’re living in a fantasy world and the Falcons’ record this coming season will bear that out.

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