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Night of pandemonium back in hands of leaders

It sounded so much like national politics … one side rushing to the table to pass an agreement and then the other side shouting “Whoa, wait a minute we don’t even know what’s in this!

Whether it’s Congress voting on national health care or the National Football League owners passing by near majority the most recent version of the collective bargaining agreement, it always comes down to one side or the other sneering and saying it’s not fair or its not complete or there isn’t enough time to evaluate the positive and and negative aspects.

In my mind I can’t believe what’s happening at this point. The owners playing hardball and the players playing like they’ve been asleep for the past four months. They’ve had at least that amount of time to figure out what’s being placed on the table and now their games are holding the American football fans hostage over their last minute finagling?

Clearly De Smith’s late night emails and conference calls have done nothing productive at this point. The owners forcing the issue was a given … one side or the other has to force the point and get these negotiations to the point where some sort of action, good or bad, get s the ball moving. Enough of the talking.

Ninety-severn percent of this deal is done. Now it’s time for the players to stop the finger-pointing and the owners to stop the bullying and come to the middle of the room. Everyone is tird of the child’s play. The players knew all day today that the owners were going to vote and would most likely pass their current version of the agreement – everyone knew that. And while you’ve got some owners saying there was a handshake deal on the table, it seems the players must have also been sleeping through that part of the meeting because they have come out tonight saying they have been misled.

Our hope is that the morning brings fresher minds to the table and that cooler heads prevail. By that time, the NFLPA should have had time to review what they claim they have not seen  and then, if need be, allow De Smith and Roger Goodell to go into a room, possibly with the lead arbitrator and figure ways to make this happen.

Neither side is looking to lose the hundreds of millions that could be lost with the cancellation of preseason games. The decision to cancel the Hall of Fame game isn’t that huge of a deal … it’s simply a glorified scrimmage anyway.

However, if this continues past next Tuesday, the loss of at least one preseason game will be significant.

After a quick review of Tweets during the 10 p.m. hour Thursday night, it seemed like there was still some hope of things happening yet tomorrow. However, there was still a great amount of confusion and finger pointing that is expected after a roller coaster day of extreme highs and lows

As Andrew Brandt, the former Packers negotiations expert said via Twitter at 10:30 tonight, At the end of the day and the hysteria of recent hours: hope still floats.”

Our hope is that Smith and Goodell can get the troops in line Friday and put an end to this monkey business … we agree with Goodell … it’s time for football.

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