No kickers on the horizon? Good sign for Crosby

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Without any visible competition, it seems Mason Crosby's job is safe ... If he decides to re-sign with the Packers. Will Ted Thompson make him a top priority? Raymond T. Rivard photograph

It’s been all quiet on the kicking front for the Green Bay Packers … and that fact probably bodes well for veteran Mason Crosby.

No undrafted kickers have been brought in, no veterans have been sought to provide competition … heck, it seems like the place kicking job in Green Bay is Crosby’s to have … but he needs to sign his name on the bottom line before that takes place.

While Crosby has been a solid kicker for the Packers, dealing adequately with the elements that can be presented in November, December and January. However, he has been far from lights out. Whenever he trots out onto the field, there is a collective holding of the breath among all Packers fans. That uncertainty isn’t because he gets kicks blocked or misses badly.

In fact, that’s far from the case.

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