No kickers on the horizon? Good sign for Crosby

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But how many times has Crosby hit the uprights and had the ball bounce back into the field of play? Too many times. Remember when he hit the crossbar in Washington last season and the Redskins went on to win the game in OT?

But getting back to the certainty that he will be back in Green Bay, we can all probably rest easy that General Manager Ted Thompson will pull the trigger on a deal to keep Crosby at home. It’s not like solid kickers who has served a team well for years are easy to find. There are the journeymen, but I feel Thompson places too much importance on the special teams aspect of the game of football to allow Crosby to just walk away.

And the fact that it has remained quiet on the kicking front in Green Bay provides a quiet calm that indicates no major shakeups are being considered.

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