That was my screaming reaction to the news that politics would get in the way of the start of the National Football League’s season opening extravaganza between the Green Bay Packers Nd The New Orleans Saints.

Scheduled since forever, the opener in Green Bay may just provide the biggest bump in viewership on Sept. 8 because who on God’s green earth is going to watch Barack Obama give his live speech about his jobs program as the game kicks off when we can tune in for the 10 p.m. News to find out what should have been unveiled months ago.

First off, you’ve got the idiot Republicans denying Obama the chance to address Congress on Sept. 7 because there is a Republican presidential (YAWN) debate that night … Then you’ve got the double idiot Republicans telling the president to hold his speech Sept. 8 AND THE PRESIDENT CAVING AND STUPIDLY AGREEING. 
Don’t these people carry calendars with them? Wouldn’t they have known the opening game was set for that night?

Maybe it doesn’t matter to Obama – the Bears fan.

Good God, the president has had years to unveil his plan and it’s got to be now?

And like these morons posing as candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination for president couldn’t compromise and come up with another date for their “debate?” What a joke.

This particular incident only shows the total disconnect these morons have with the commoners of this country. This will only alienate the populace even more.

My guess is that if they carry through with this arrangement, Obama will be delivering his plan to the smallest audience ever for a political address … And the opening game will have the highest ratings of any – ever.

Idiots … Morons … Imbeciles … Are they just plain stupid? If Obama doesn’t reconsider his approval rating could hit an all-time low, as would those legislators involved.

I’m at a loss for words on this one.

But I’ll offer one more – pathetic.

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  • R.Reagan

    Double idiot Replublicans? Wow, I never realized you were a tree hugging bleeding heart liberal P.O.S.???

  • Taylor Bailey

    Obama is an idiot.GO PACK!. GO REPUBLICANS!

  • Brian

    One of the great things about sports is the fact that it’s an escape from politics and all the things that divide us as a nation. Just keep that in mind.

  • DoninLouisiana

    Have you stopped to think that the network will preempt the game WHILE the President is speaking? This really is a drag, switch your schedule Mr. President, its opening night for gosh sakes!

  • RAT

    Nothing will interfere with the season opener being broadcast… not even His Royal-Highness presenting scheme to raise taxes and spend OUR money disguised as some lame jobs program. Something or someone will give.

    The biggest point EVERYONE seems to be missing: Obama does not need to give this speech in front of Congress!! If he spoke from the Oval Office, like he should, he could give this speech anytime… like 6 weeks ago. Wait… make that 2-1/2 years ago. But NO! With him, it’s all HIS ego and grandeur.

    2012 can not come soon enough!

  • apackphan

    You know, I voted for Obama. I am what some might consider liberal … I tend to vote for Democrats, but I’ve also voted Republican and have tended to vote for the person I feel best qualified. I am tired of politics, as is everyone else and agree with Brian’s comment about football being a way to enjoy life without the divisiveness and anger that politics brings to everyone’s life. I am thoroughly disgusted with this decision by the president. Incredibly self-righteous … clearly something a Bears fan would do! and this is just a couple of weeks after the Packers visited him at the White House. I’m just beside myself on this one …

  • Tom Richardson

    Your seeming anger towards the Republicans is significantly misdirected. Their debate, while it may be a yawner, has been scheduled for months with, I guarantee, careful attention to the scheduling of the NFL opener. And I’m guessing it would take weeks to pull off a rescheduled debate. Now maybe Boehner did make a mistake in suggesting Thursday night for the Bamster, but he’s not stupid. I think he was daring the Messiah to try to pre-empt the NFL opener, absolutely insuring what already looks to be one of the biggest presidential election routs in history. 11/12 can’t come soon enough!

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  • apackphan


    I agree with you on the scheduling thing … they’re all guilty of being stupid … Obama hasn’t heard the last of this, I’m afraid … and if NBC sticks with the game, they will get ratings through the roof because everyone will turn off Obama and turn to the game.