Packers vs. Lions: Mark your calendars!

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Detroit, on the other hand, may not make it. Their opponents’ combined record in weeks 5 through 11 is 11-13 (.458). Granted, that is still below .500, but three of those teams (counting Chicago twice) have two wins. San Francisco has three wins, and they have a team that knows how to win. Carolina is another question mark. They may only have one win, but it all lies on Cam Newton. Perhaps he will have everything figured out and utterly destroy Detroit, or he may slam into the infamous rookie wall.

 Besides a possible undefeated record, what else is at stake? Playoff seeding is the most important. A 16-0 record will get a team the number one seed, a first round bye in the playoffs, and home field advantage throughout. A 14-2 record (assuming a regular season sweep by the winner on Thanksgiving) gets the fifth seed, must play on the road in the first round, and likely would not have a home game.

 Ladies and Gentlemen: mark your calendars for Thanksgiving Day.

Daniel Sigl
#1 Packers fan
Go Packers

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