Bob Harlan wants Favre back into the Packers fold

Brett Favre said he didn't care about the Saints' Bountygate in an interview with Deion Sanders.

Recent comments by Brett Favre that indicate he is in no hurry to make amends with the Green Bay Packers franchise and its fans is disconcerting, especially to former team president Bob Harlan.

Harlan wants Favre back – badly. He understands what the former Packers great has meant to the franchise and to the entire league … and he wants it all to come back, especially before Favre is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame in 2016.

But Favre said that he doesn’t need a special day to recognize his career. Harlan hopes his views change and he was hoping that one way to break the ice between Favre and the Packers would have been to get him back to Green Bay for the induction of former coach Mike Holmgren into the Packers Hall of Fame next week.

Favre declined the invitation to the event that will not only include Holmgren, but will bring together many from the 1990s Packers. Those numbers will include Ron Wolf and Harlan.

In a column posted yesterday by Mike Vandermause of the Green Bay Press Gazette, Harlan pulled no punches in expressing his desire to get the Packers and Favre back together. Clearly, he was disappointed with Favre’s decision not to show for Holmgren’s big night, but was still hopeful for the future.

Many Packers fans feel betrayed by Favre, and rightfully so. But like Harlan, I feel those people will have to get over it. Those days are long gone and it’s time to move on to a future that includes memories of the 16 years Favre led the Packers to winning season after winning season, two Super Bowls and one championship.

Those were the good days.

Harlan wants them … and Favre … back.

Here’s a video by USADexter that might help bridge the gap. Maybe Brett will watch it … it’s worth a look.


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  • musicgirl77

    If he can’t come back for the sake of, supposedly, someone who’s still a very good friend of his, then he just spit on every fan that used to love him. And he doesn’t care if he’s in the Hall of Fame? I don’t buy that for 1 minute. But, lets give him what he wants.

  • apackphan

    musicgirl77 – I agree. Don’t think for one minute that Brett doesn’t want the attention. He loves it, misses it and will be beside himself when is finally recognized and appreciated once again. 

  • Taryn Miller

    The invitation to Holmgrens induction was an olive branch to begin what Harlan is hoping,a quick healing of a time/event which was/is as ugly as the head of Medusa.
    This snubbing by Favre for whatever reason he feels is justified,coupled with the self flattering that he is above the retiring of his #4 has IMO states that Favre WILL NOT accept any kind of attempt at healing short of a total opology from the ORG which begins with the words…’We Were Wrong’.
    The problem is the ORG wasn’t and the proof is in the #12 as he continues to show how easy some math equations are…it takes three 4′s to equal this #12.
    Does Favre deserve to has his number retired…of coarse,but if wishes to make the lifetime mistake that makes it be it. 

  • apackphan

     @Taryn Miller In my opinion, it was not so much a snub. The day is about Holmgren. Had Favre shown up, it would have been about him. Maybe Brett’s smart enough to understand that. At least I would like to think that.

  • Taryn Miller

     I find it hard to believe that the possible distractions that could or would have arisen at the induction ceremony were not discussed with Holmgren before any invite was issued.I also find it hard to believe that if Holmgren was willing to chance it and this was told to Favre and he still opted to not attend and show a little homage to Holmgren…adjectives are a plenty to describe it but…I’ll stick with simple snubbing.

  • apackphan

     @Taryn Miller Taryn, I take it you don’t like Brett Favre too much. That’s OK. You’re certainly not alone. I’m sure Holmgren would have probably liked it if his QB was there with him, but I doubt he’s losing any sleep over the fact that he’s not coming. Mike’s a big boy and I’m sure he can take it. But you’re right – it is a Favre snub and he doesn’t look good doing it.

  • Taryn Miller

    I loved Favre but the saga plays like this. 

  • apackphan

     @Taryn Miller But I love The Beatles, too! ahahaha

  • apackphan

     @Taryn Miller btw, are you on twitter. I would like to follow, if OK. I’m lombardiave 

  • Taryn Miller

     @apackphan  lombardiave
     Thank you for the compliment of asking to follow me on twitter and that you think I may have something important to say.However,as I do have a twitter account I obtained it to participate during a live chat at railbird central a while back and immediately found it not to my liking.I’m Tarynfor12 but like I said…I don’t really tweet,maybe 30 tweets over 2-3 years.I hardly even log in.
    But thanks again for the thought.
    Look forward to more articles here at Lombardi.Ave.