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How do you feel about the proposal to eliminate kickoffs?

Today I made a quick post on the’s Facebook page asking for response to the idea floated by the NFL Commissioner that kickoffs be eliminated.

To say the response was quick and decisive would be a gross understatement. Within a matter of minutes, the outpouring was unanimous … NO! NO! NO!

But I couldn’t simply put their response into a single exclamation. Therefore, read below for yourself and if you’ve got your own opinion, go to the page or leave your comments here. Clearly, the commish is way out of bounds on this one and I’m sure if we could use this as a measuring stick of public opinion, the proposal would be shot down without discussion.

Enjoy the posts:

  • Roberta Rae Snyder Zais Bullshit….THey need to leave the rules alone…they have way too many rules as it is….Lets go back to real football….
  • Serena Vann Stupid! Part of the game to get excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Jay Nyhart stupid rule if they pass it JUST STUPID
  • Josh Ruggirello yeah fuck that its football the players get paid to take the hits they do if they take away the kick off they mite as well play sarcastaball
  • Jan Holzner As long as they also provide pink tutus for the players.
  • Henri M. Primeaux It has been a long standing tradition, why now? What’s the reason? I vote to leave it as it.
  • Scot Sticha Why not just take football away from us then to. Its a mans sport so its about time we let them play like men. They know what they are signing up for when they get drafted. Stop turning it into a sissy sport. Time to man up n grow a set
    Thomas Tom Tom Schaefer stupid… i would personally kick goodell ass out of here
  • Braden Whitmire Coming from the same man who allowed the NFLRA strike to happen, thus giving us 3 miserable weeks of backup refs who don’t know what an interception is like the one at the end of the Seahawks game. Seriously, who wants to listen to this guy? Here’s my idea: let’s get a new commissioner.
  • Monica Hughes That is the most ridiculous thing!
  • Joe Kullmann That is such a joke. I am all for safety but that is just plain stupid!
  • Dennis Towle Jr Special Teams is one-third of the game. Eliminating the touchback, the onside kick, the kick return for significant yards or a touchdown is wrong, in every way!
  • Jay Lamm That guys a DUMBA__! He has no idea what he’s doing.
  • Kyle Stephens lol, what is he thinking?? HELLO!!
  • John Berg Its funny what they were saying, if ur offense elected to go for it on the ’4th n 15′ play and u were successful, and kept scoring and kept being succesfull of the ‘new kickoff’ the other team would never touch the ball. In other words, horrible idea.
  • great responses folks. I take it you’re all against it? ahahahhaha. Me, too!
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