So many Packers fans have a superstition they feel helps the team and prevents them from losing.

Green Bay Packers fans tell us about their superstitions

This week, I decided that I needed help from my Green Bay Packers family. I knew that I had a superstition problem, but I also knew that I wasn’t alone.

So, with that in mind, I threw out a call to all Packers fans to offer their own superstitions when it came to the Packers. Needless to say my superstition of the need to be sure my bath towel label always faces in wasn’t the only unusual superstition.

There were those who told us about their need to close their eyes, the need to face away from the television and to only watch replays; the need dress their children in specific clothing.

But without giving away too much, I thought it important to allow the folks who responded to our post to speak for themselves.

Check them all out below:

  •  Allison Leapard Recently I’ve been closing my eyes during field goals….seems to be working.
  • Chance Zombor The Pack tends to lose when I’m not watching (or at least following the game). Sounds funny, but they seem to need my psychic energy.
  • Matt Burke I rub the “G” on my Packers hat like a talisman should the team ever get behind. LOL
  • Sharon Chartraw Vlasak My dog has to be wearing her Packer bandana. It’s not often I forget it, but when I do – we lose.
  • Lori Kitzhaber I can’t wear Packer stuff on game day UNLESS I am AT the game! Seriously!!
  • Sal Parker 5×7 framed pic of Vince- with lit candles next to it !
  • Melodie Peltier-Thorp Every game we have lost I had my Rodgers jersey on. Got a new Jersey (Cobb) and those are winning games.
  • Victoria Ahuna I have to be in team colors by kick off and remain in them. If i spill something on myself I have to wait until halftime to change and I have to change into other Packer clothes, not just green and yellow.
  • Ken Walden Not allowed to use the restroom during the game or else the opposition gets a big play against us
  • Dinger Mueller Have to have the Packer flag posted on the front porch. Have to be wearing Packer gear. Can’t miss kickoff, Whether it’s on tv or I’m at the game. Nitschke picture has to be near or on the t.v. Also, since I’m a teacher, any Packer pictures the kids drew for me are displayed near the t.v. That pretty much covers it.
  • Sheryl Elizabeth Kolka I HAVE to have my Donald Driver Jersey on… it’s a must..
  • Mary Pat Rohde Every time I sit in a chair to watch the game, the Packers lose. So I sit at my computer, my back to the tv, and only turn around for replays or at commercials. I have been to 1 game at Lambeau, and they lost that one. I just can’t watch the actual game. So please keep me posted on game day; I won’t be watching.
  • Renato Priest Carter I put on some Green Bay Gear and watch the game.
  • Marcie Mullen Hummel Rodgers T-shirt, GB earrings, necklace, slippers, flag out front, dogs collar on ALL season and her jersey if necessary at half-time, drink in hand! I think that’s it!
  • Loreeli Kennedy Swoboda It is not lame! Whatever you do, is something you should continue to do, it’s tradition. I do two things before every game, no matter even if I’m able to watch the game that day. One, before the game, I find a quiet spot and I pray for the Packers, I pray that The Lord will be with each player, to not get hurt, for all the coaches, & I pray that He will put His hand upon each one & that He will guide them to a win, if it be His will! Then every time, they are struggling I pray again! I also thank The Lord for every TD, FG, & interception, every challenged call that goes our way, I give Him the praise & say, To God Be the Glory! I believe that everyone has a gift & the Packers have a gift & I really believe that The Lord provides for them & helps them, it’s only through Him we are blessed! Then I wear my Packer shirt or sweatshirt all day that day of the game. I have so many, but I also have my favorites. I try to get everybody to that I’m with to wear theirs as well. At our families Group home, when I’m with the Residents & have a party for them almost every game. I get them excited! We hang one of the Residents signed Jersey of Jordy Nelson on the fireplace for good Luck! It’s worked almost everytime. The times I haven’t been watching, they seem to lose! Haha! Now that’s a big superstition, but it’s mine & I’m sticking to my story!
  • Darryle Brown I “gear up” with my Cheesehead hat. I’ve worn it every game since the first several games and they have been on a winning streak ever since.
  • Daniel Stuntz During the 2010 Super Bowl run, I grew a beard and didn’t shave for nearly two months until they won. I had shaved just before the loss to the Pats, but they won out all of they’re remaining games…
  • Kris Aguilar Like Allison above, I’ve started closing my eyes during Crosby FG attempts, and he hasn’t missed one since. I also seem to subconsciously hold my breath from the snap of the ball until the play is complete–to prevent turnovers, y’know!
  • Stacey Ehlenfeldt During the 1996-97 Super Bowl Run we put our 3 month old baby in a larger fitting Packer outfit. We noticed every time he didn’t wear the outfit the team would lose SO we kept stuffing him in the same outfit all the way through the Super Bowl. A few years later we sent the outfit to Favre to be signed. We got it back 7 months later signed. We have it framed, hanging on the wall in a hallway. Very Cool!
  • Stacey Ehlenfeldt If I wear my Grant jersey during the game, they lose. I wear anything but that jersey now.

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