Zigi Wilf, can't you develop your own players? Raymond T. Rivard photograph

The Minnesota Vikings....Packer Wannabes!

Enough is enough!! This is an open letter to Mr. Zygi Wilf of the Minnesota Vikings.  Are you that pathetic of an owner that you can’t build your own team?  Does your scouting staff stink so badly that you have to look eastward to take our scrap players because even our worst is better than your best (minus Adrian Peterson)? Since 2005 you have coveted Darren Sharper, Ryan Longwell (2006), Robert Ferguson (2007), Brett Favre (2009) and you have been unsuccessful in trying to get William Henderson, Aaron Kampman and James Jones.

Brett Favre as a Packer

Can’t you find your own players?  What is even sadder is that out of all those players the only one who amounted to anything was Longwell and you cut him!  Favre came close but in the end did the best thing any Packers’ fan could wish for, he crushed your hopes and dreams of a Super Bowl with a final season-ending interception. Those of us in Green and Gold thought maybe you would have learned by now and tried to draft and develop your own players.  If you like our model so much, then copy it, follow it, and use it.  Heck you can even clone Ted Thompson, if you want to be like us that badly. What have our free agents done for you?  Since 2005 you have a record of 64-64 with two North Division Titles and have played in three playoff games and lost all three. After getting rid of those players you so happily took, we have gone on to a record of 78-50, three North Division Titles, 10 playoff appearances with a 6-4 record, and a Super Bowl victory. So it is clear that as you keep taking our players, thinking it will improve your team, you are actually helping us to be better and more successful.  So with that in mind I gladly will give you Greg Jennings and Jermichael Finley today for another Super Bowl Lombardi Trophy tomorrow. Open your eyes, wise up and realize that you cannot be what we are.  You do not have the fans that we have, the history we have and more importantly you do not have Lambeau Field.  You play in an inflated garbage bag (yes I have been there and yes I know it is inflated because the best thing about that place is when you leave, you get sucked out the doors!). So my advice to you is, you will never be any better than a bunch of Packer wannabes.  Man up, and develop your own players.  Maybe then you won’t have to rely on our scrap heap to try to be what we are!  CHAMPIONS GO PACK GO

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  • burbankTJ

    You know stealing players who are versed in your opponents playbook/philosophy is actually a strategy. Only someone who has no-sense of football and/or business would write a useless ‘article’ such as this. what a waste of a web page….

  • http://www.facebook.com/josh.thompson.3781 Josh Thompson

    This by far the most idiotic article I’ve ever read. You forgot the most important part, the Vikings fans aren’t a bunch of douchebags.

  • AP28

    The Vikings won a playoff game against the Cowboys in 09′ and how do you define success? Pretty sure Favre/Sharper/ & Longwell all were productive in Purple. Packers don’t want em’, keep em’. Otherwise write idiotic articles like this one…

    • VikesGuy

      No kidding. At least be accurate in your garbage article.

  • VikesGuy

    Whaaaa. So are the packers wannabe Colts? I mean they picked up Saturday last year. Jennings is the best wide receiver on the market right now and incase you haven’t been paying attention the Vikings need at least one proven wr going into next year. The team has been getting younger and better mostly through the draft but stopgaps are needed. Quit your crying.

  • Skol

    You mad bro? Get facts before you write a garbage article. Oh, by the way, “sadder” is not a word. The term is more sad bud. Go back to 1st grade and learn something more than how to tie your shoes his time

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Richard-Monaghan/583440239 Richard Monaghan

      They all wear Velcro in WI easier to reach with their extenda arm grabber

  • http://twitter.com/krg88 Kyle

    Vikings won a playoff game in 2009. Way to research…….

  • Rickey Wiggins

    Douche Bag

  • ty

    You know I was going to add my 2 cents but all these 7 comments pretty much some it up. A better article would have been about the Packers & lack of their cap space or how Rodgers will do with a drop off in talent or GOOD GOD will they even figure out what the running back position if for & finally get a half way decent one? Quit trying to make your bullshit life better by living vicariously through a football team. Like you said the Pack has some great history & is a very respectable franchise in the NFL, I think as Viking fans we acknowledge that & enjoy the fact that this is our cross river rival. But we love our Non super-bowl winning team, even with the worst stadium in the league (at least for one more year), why else would we get our Jewish grandma on & put the Purple & GOLD ON! The last thing we want is to be Packer Fans talk about fair weather & hateful, even with all the history & trophies its still not good enough. Rub it in all you like, you will never get the image of Moss wiping his ass on your G out of your mind.

  • Adam Carrier

    lmao….the best part of signing ex-Packers is watching their fans lose their minds over it and claim that they “never liked them anyway.”

  • Nick McNelis

    Wow this guy is really butt sore that Packer players wanna be Vikings. Blow Pack Blow!

  • Rick Klee

    Darryl Krejci, you are truly a Idiot.

  • KF

    cute how every comment is negative and from a vikings fan. why are you on a packers site in the first place?

    • Nick McNelis

      Because it shows under Vikings news and he is attacking our team maybe?

  • what?

    I should be surprised Sports Illustrated allows garbage like this to be posted to their site.

  • KJV

    Your a ignorant F@#$. Enough said.

  • Andrew Martinson

    Because cutting Longwell for Walsh was SUCH a bad idea. These jimmies are pretty seriously rustled.

    Plus, we got Favre from the Jets. I don’t know what you’re on about.

  • Jake

    What an incredibly ignorant and juvenile article. If a team has good players it is natural that other teams are going to want those players when they come available. This article reads like it was written by a 12 year old arguing with his 7th grade buddies about which team is better. And what is that bit about Longwell? He played several successful years for Minnesota and he was cut after someone younger and better was brought in, that’s the game goes, older players get cut in favor of younger players. Dude, you’re a moron. I hope you don’t get paid to write this crap because if that’s the case your boss is pissing away money on you.

  • Rob

    What a dumb article. What the author should be asking is why the Packers can’t seem to judge when a player should be released, so they don’t keep letting good players go (to division rivals, no less) well before they’ve passed their peak. I don’t think a billionaire like Zygi Wilf will lose any sleep over a nameless chub calling him ‘pathetic’. Don’t quit your day job.

    • mjp go pack go

      Did that article strike a nerve with all u dumb mud ducks lol

      • Robert Ries

        Reading such a diatribe without research is common in cow country, but it’s apparent all the top notch players leaving for a better place sours the cheddar heads.
        I’m just glad this guy is a packer fan, fine example IMO.

  • [email protected]

    You are a f’ing idiot, and so far from a football mind to write such a stupid article. Their are now words for how stupid this is, considering SI even listed this. How are you writing for a website that is for sport (FB). Clearly you know nothing about the game and let your emotions get the best of you when it comes to Jennings. Get a life and a real carrier, you just wasted 5 minutes of a productive human beings life. idiot

  • cara

    wow can you say your a DICK funny how all other teams signing free agents are not getting this rash of shit! I guess you forgot to flush this morning. This is why I am so glad Steven Jackson chose the falcons I can still respect him as a player. I can not even respect GB because of the arrogance you should be spanked like a child and put in a corner and learn some manners.

  • Iconoclast17

    Yea, this one’s pretty lame. No problem if Jennings leave for the Vikings or anywhere else. We worry too much about where our players go when they leave. In fact, take Hawk and his silly cap # too, will ya Ziggy?