Greg Jennings will be catching passes for the Minnesota Vikings next fall. Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Greg Jennings ... My Final Thoughts

Adios Greg Jennings!

Way back in my college days, when a “true love” broke my heart, the easiest way to handle the torment that ripped my heart apart was to walk down to U Liquors (yes that was the name of the place and I believe it still exists), buy a case of Old Milwaukee (it was cheap and made great furniture, just ask my old buddy ,Kirk) and drink until the sun came up or the lights went down.  Then I would stumble over to the Village Wok and get an order of egg foo young and go back to my room and sleep (OK, maybe pass out).  But that was when I was young, foolish and thought it was cool to wear a Tony Mandarich jersey on the streets of Minneapolis.

So fast forward 20 years.  Mandarich has been replaced with Aaron Rodgers, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, and Clay Matthews.  Old Milwaukee has been replaced with coffee and equal, and the occasional trip to the Mall of America wearing anything and everything Green Bay Packers, yet the heartache still remains, but not in the way you would think.

Let me start by saying, I am not sorry to see Greg Jennings go.  Seriously, good riddance.  The Packers Nation does not need his ego, nor do they need his persistent injury-prone, self-indulging persona.

What you may say … well it is true.  Greg Jennings was a product of the system he was in.  Yes he had to have some solid skills, but when you have Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers throwing to you, you are going to look better than you really are.  Favre and Rodgers elevated the play of those around them.  They made the average, become above average.

Now Jennings is going to a team, that no matter how he wants to spin it, has a sub-standard quarterback whose main job is to hand off to Adrian Peterson.  They are not rising, they are not improving, they are fortunate to even still be playing in Minnesota.  Now Jennings is going to find out what it means to lose.

His career is all downhill from here.  Honestly ask yourself, have any of the former Packers who moved westward to the Purple City done anything with their careers?  Did any of them win a championship?  Yeah, there were two division titles since 2005 in Minnesota, but one playoff victory (as many Vikqueen fans pointed out to me) and the only Super Bowl they win is when they are playing on their Xbox.

The best quote I have read regarding Jennings and his decision to wear the Purple came from Mike Freeman, National NFL Insider for, who wrote, “….it’s all but certain that Jennings’ career will die a slow death. Jennings went from Aaron Rodgers to Christian Ponder. I like Ponder more than most (OK, I’m the only one who likes him) but even as a Ponder backer, he’s not in the same galaxy as Aaron Rodgers. So Jennings made the classic decision. He got his money but his career is all down hill from here.
“The Packers will continue to fight for Super Bowls and Jennings will disappear like he’s wearing a cloaking device.”

So this is where my heart breaks.  It breaks because Greg Jennings cared nothing about those who supported him.  He cared nothing about those of us who wished him well during the injuries.  He forgot about the cheers and championships, the love of the Packers Nation.  He gave it all up because he wanted it to be all about him.  He quit on us, when we never quit on him.

He told us this well before the season started that he was leaving when he alluded to this being his last year.  He slapped the Green and Gold in the face when he turned down more money than he is going to make, not once but twice when Ted Thompson tried to re-sign him.  The final sign was when he put his house up for sale.  Most people do not sell their house until they know they are leaving or at least expect to leave.  He knew then as he knew the day he arrived in Minnesota, he was not coming back.

My heart is heavy not because Greg Jennings went to the Vi-queens.  It is heavy because he played us and used us, like an old college flame.  He led us to believe that we were what mattered the most, but in the end, it was all about him and what he wanted.

So, Greg Jennings, know this, you do not deserve to wear the honorable colors of the Green Bay Packers.  You do not deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as James Lofton, Sterling Sharpe, and Donald Driver.  You deserve exactly what you are going to get for the rest of your career, playing second fiddle to Adrian Peterson, and nothing else!

In the end, you showed us the real you.  That it is not about being part of a team that strives for excellence and championships.  This is all about feeding your self-delusional dreams of being the man.  I guess you never learned that in football, being the man means putting the team first.

Enjoy your money and the slow sinking feeling that is going to be your career as we enjoy those players who put the Packers Nation above all else!

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  • Pessimisticchiefsfan

    Love the intensity. I agree the packers won’t miss him. Would have loved him in a chiefs uniform though!

  • Jake

    OH MY GOD! Could you Packer guys be any more whiny?! This is about the fifth article to come across here talking about how Jennings is a product of the GB system, how he really isn’t that good, how his career is going to tank now, how he betrayed you and broke your hearts. GET OVER IT! The NFL is a business and players make business decisions that they feel are best for them. You’re all such a bunch of sour grapes whiners. “We don’t want him, he sucks anyway”, “He was only good because Rogers made him look good”. You sound like a bunch of children crying because your neighbor got a shiny new bicycle and you didn’t. It’s pathetic. Viking fans are upset about losing Harvin but you here us saying he sucks and will never succeed because he chose out of Minnesota. Be a man, accept the fact that players sometimes change teams, and wish him the best of luck in the future. Quit acting like a bunch of whiny 8 year olds.

    • Kyle Johnston

      We totally understand that it was a business decision for both parties, GB wasn’t willing to give him the years and money he was looking for in a contract and MN was, simple fact. But if you have an issue with how Packer fans react to players leaving and going THAN STOP READING GREEN BAY PACKER WEBSITE ARTICLES!! Fact is we are passionate about our team and players and will continue to post as we please GET OVER IT!!

      • Jake

        I read them because SI posts them on the Vikings page. And as a sports fan my hope is that someone writing sports stories will have something intelligent and insightful to say about Jennings since he is our newest player and we don’t know much about him. I suppose I was wrong though, no one in GB has anything intelligent or insightful to say.

      • disqus_yq06YxNxTr

        take your anger out on the packers front office not the ex-players!!!

      • SRob

        Bottom line is that it comes down to the question of if fans allow players to consider their future or not. The NFL is a business & Greg made a business decision based on his future, be it economic or otherwise. If you work for a corporation and love the people in the corporation, but you’re unhappy and find another opportunity, do you leave and better yourself or do you stay (in misery) because you like the people you work with? I’m sure there are MANY who can relate to that. The situation is no different here.

  • Mitchell O’Rourke

    I think it was a smart move for the Packers to not sign Jennings and am surprised they reportedly offered him 5 years 40 million when they already have 3 other capable WRs (who by your logic only look good because of Rodgers)… but former Packer players have not had any success with the Vikings??? Favre had one of the best years of his career with the Vikings… Sharper made the Pro Bowl in 2 out of the 4 years with Minnesota… and Longwell did a solid job for 6 seasons as the Vikings K… Vikings made the playoffs last year when it was supposed to be a “rebuilding” year so not sure how that translates into going nowhere

    • Jake

      Well said, and if you’re a Packer fan I’m even more impressed. It was a smart move to let Jennings walk if he wanted that much money. Between Nelson and Jones they have the WR positions pretty well covered.

  • Skyhawk

    Really? Are you out of the fifth grade yet? Grow up, it’s just football and it’s a business. Maybe he should have taken the offer last year, but he didn’t. Time to move on with life. Too many Packer cry babies.

  • Lee Rodriguez

    WOW!! Somebody’s really butthurt!!!!

  • Rico1957

    Was going to respond after reading, but Mandarich jersey? LMAO, nuff said.

  • Realfootballfan

    You know buddy, we can all tell that you obviously care that Jennings is leaving. Your personal feelings show all over your own article and the fact that you keep referring to the Vikings as Vi-queens means, even if you are a die hard Packers fan, that you are butt hurt over this deal.
    Even if Jennings got hurt the last couple years, he still would have been the No.1 target for A.R. if he would have remained on the Packers squad. He is by no means washed out or getting too old. The man is a great receiver and leader on and off the field. And I want to point out something for you buddy. The way you slam Ponder is crazy. Yeah A.R. is an awesome QB but lets face it, he got to sit under one of the all time great QBs Brett Favre. Who did Ponder get to learn from……no one.
    Now all I can say is that the draft will tell a lot where both teams stand in the NFC North. Both teams have a lot of holes to fill. So how about you quit all the smack talk in your articles until the next season begins, try writing something that doesn’t have your personal feeling smudged all over it, maybe something that will pump up the packer fans not bash someone that helped your team for a good number of years.

  • Scott Rochon

    Way to go Darryl, you give it to Jennings big time, just when he’s leaving! That’s being a coward! You don’t like it that he left, but the players are the only ones that should be loyal. The Packers NEVER need to be loyal, because whatever thay want to pay you, you should take because it’s the honor of playing for the Packers vs doing what you think is right for you and your family! Can you be anymore stupid Darryl? Or is that your other brother Darryl?

    • disqus_yq06YxNxTr

      what turnip truck did you fall off of??? tell that to favre, really an honor to play for the pack wtf. lombardi,rodgers,farve,jones,sharp,nelson,matthews, the honor should come from the packers that these people all played for the them

  • Anthony DuLac

    Man Packer fans whine a lot. LOL Classic!

  • Joe

    Had he re-signed you would worship him like a god, but because left and signed with another team, you bad mouth him as if you always hated him!! Typical whiny “Packers Nation!!”

  • disqus_yq06YxNxTr

    i understand were everyone is pist that jennings left the pack to go to the vikes i get it!! but if the pack knocked down rodgers salary down to 5 mil. ayear he would tell the beloved packers to bend over and get fudge packed themselves!!! just saying, to every nfl football player out there its all about the money not the colors they where at the end of the day.

  • ThreeInTheBlack

    First off, I was born (brainwashed from birth) as a Packer fan. However it seems to me that this article kind of sums up the majority of Packer fans mentality in that just because someone who was really important for a while in the Packers organization has to bow to the organization and stay with them, regardless if they have to take less money, or they have to retire when the organization tells them to, otherwise they are ostracized from the organization and the good will of the Packer fans. Two opposite stories that confirm this are Brett Favre & Donald Driver. Brett didn’t bow to the organization and chose to continue his career elsewhere and he is now hated and ostracized. Donald decided to bow to the organization and is now beloved forever by the organization. Doesn’t anyone in Packerland see this as a problem with Packer mentality? If the player isn’t that beloved and they go elsewhere to play, then oh well, no big loss, but if it’s someone the Packer fans see as their star player, then you better be loyal to the organization come hell or high water. I just think it’s time we all grew up and stopped thinking of our players in this manner. Brett & Gregg Jennings still meant as much to the organization as Driver did, even though they chose to continue their careers elsewhere. It’s time we realized that…

  • Don Gore

    Aww… someone sounds a little bitter. You weren’t complaining when he had 8 for 120 and 2 tds as you lost to the Vikes in week 17, or when he again led receivers the next week, when you beat our backup QB, were you? Were you writing him off when he had more targets than anyone against SF? Nah, you’re just writing him off now that he’s wise enough to wear Purple. It’s cool, we’ll just see how much you write him off in 2013. Just don’t pout too much, ok?