Brett Favre was on the phone with Greg Jennings to help him make the decision to sign with the Minnesota Vikings. Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Packers fans, if Brett Favre ticked you off before ... just wait until you read this


Green Bay Packers fans had gotten over the fact that Greg Jennings has signed with the Minnesota Vikings, but the former Packers wide receiver twisted the knife even more today by raising the name of “He Who Shall Not be Named.”

For many, the gloves are now off.

Yes, it was reported today on, among other places today, that Vikings officials had Brett Favre on the phone with Jennings upon landing in Minnesota for his visit prior to his signing with the team.

“Literally, as I got off the plane and (offensive coordinator Bill) Musgrave walked up to me, I’m on the phone with Brett,” Jennings said on KFAN-AM, via

And if that’s not enough to tick off those who disliked Favre for his move to Minnesota in 2009, Jennings said it wasn’t just one phone call from the former Packers quarterback that he received. “I spoke with Brett two or three times throughout this process. He shot me straight. I knew if there was one person that would shoot straight and tell me exactly what I wanted to hear and things I possibly didn’t want to hear, it would be Brett. He did that for me.”

Yes, we’re sure Favre shot him straight alright.

Packers fans who already have a grudge against Favre will no doubt add this nugget of information to their arsenal.

We wonder if Favre had anything good to say about Green Bay. After all the love he and Aaron Rodgers appeared to share on the stage of the NFL awards program last month, it’s become pretty clear that it was all for show.

We also wonder how Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy are feeling after hearing this news … disappointed, at the least. Probably pretty ticked off.

Leave it to the Vikings to pull every possible trick out of their bag to get Jennings to sign with them.

I guess you can say they were successful … for now.

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  • David Schimelpfenig

    Is it the packer time of the month? Bunch of PMS crybabies. Nobody put a real effort into keeping Jennings do this is what happens

    • Alex

      I agree one hundred percent…living near green bay I’m sure this will be all I hear for the next couple months. Packer fans have only the administration to blame for Jennings loss, not Brett Favre…this Favre hysteria is getting absolutely ridiculous…

      • Rusty Hill

        Sorry to hear your stuck in Wisconsin. *shudder at the thought*

      • nicholas starling

        This isn’t about Jennings, it’s about what Favre did to hurt the Packers and the fans.

        • Derek

          hurt them? you mean win a superbowl against the patriots for them?? yeah…he should burn at the stake…idiot…

      • Derek

        Hello alex, I live and go to school here IN GREEN BAY–complete shithole mind you lol–and Packer’s fans are the WORST in the NFL as far as anything knowledgable about football and the draft lol. Seriously, they’re ignorant, annoying, and narcissistic and it’s ALL FACT lol. I conducted a simple survey when I first moved here about what is the favorite player and why in Green Bay and more than half didn’t even know the correct position, what college or previous team–if free-agent (i.e. Woodson)–they were acquired from. It’s actually quite laughable at the weak bar scene to talk sports in most of wisconsin, and even more so, in actual Green Bay.

  • Jerry Boehme

    Ya, Minnesota is a class organization who’s goal is to take free agent cast offs from the best team in their division. Sorry, I mean the best bunch of crybabies(apparently).

    • Jake

      If he’s a castoff then why are you so upset about it? If he’s a washed up garbage player why does it bother you?

    • Rusty Hill

      Another Packer fan who pays no attention to the draft!

      • Derek

        Cheers! Ever been to Green Bay before? That’s 99% of the people here. I went to draft-party last year and only 5 people showed-up, sad, boring, pathetic…welcome to Eastern Wisconsin lmao

  • sten swarty

    As a Raider fan at least I have something else to laugh about. . . . besides my team.

  • David Edwards

    Jennings? Farve? Who are you talking about? I don’t know either of them, who did they suposedly play for? Not my beloved Packers…..

    • Christie Brown

      Players come and go, more so now than when I grew up watching The Green Bay Packers. So I will continue to support and love my team, no matter how little class and respect certain former players show their fans.

      • Anthony DuLac

        Or how little class and respect the team organization itself has for them, too. Right? LOL

        • Derek

          Exactly! The fans are brain-washed to think the players are at fault

      • Derek

        You’re kidding, right!?? Farve and Jennings don’t have any respect for their fans!? Put down the crack-pipe and get a real job so you can pay to read an unbiased newspaper and or internet article…seriously Packer Fans are all anal…if it’s not what they want to hear then they create delusions to justify their piss-poor attitudes and ignorance. You know what else is hysterical about Green Bay is half the population are literally gay and I’m not homophobic but straight ppl are a HUGE minority here…a lot of gays I have met don’t watch or read anything if it doesn’t involve the Packers…hmm…coincidence?? LMAO

        • Christina Rubens

          Please tell me more about how Jennings doesn’t respect his fans. The man was a class act and never ruffled any feathers. As a die hard packers fan I wish him the best in purple.

          • Derek

            Thank you, Ms Rubens….that is what I was trying to say. I’m not a die-hard fan but greg gennings and donald drivers are two of the classiest receivers I’ve ever had a chance to meet–as part of a military appreciation day at lambaugh field–but there are a ton on here that want to talk smack about their players because they’re leaving the team like they were disloyal or something which isn’t the case at all. The only reason both of them left is because GB never made wanted to keep them. Blame th front-office, never blame the players….football is a business after all people.

  • Rob

    You call Favre ‘He Who Shall Not Be Named’ while going out of your way to write an article about him. I love it.

  • Jake

    You guys are so butt hurt about this. You all keep saying the same thing, “he’s no good anyway”, “Roger’s made him look good”, “the Vikings always take our castoffs”. If such a garbage, castoff player then why do you care so much? If he’s washed up and bound to fail why does it bother you so badly? The truth is that you, as well everyone else, know that Jennings is a talent and he will be a weapon in Minnesota and it bothers you that GB let a good player walk across the border. The fact is though, if GB wanted to keep him they would have given him what he wanted. The blame for Jennings leaving lies not with Minnesota or Brett Favre but with your cheap-ass team who doesn’t like to pay their players. Be mad at them, not Jennings, not Favre, not Minnesota, they’re all just conducting business as it is in their best interest.

    • JaKa

      Getting deeper than Rodgers who made him look good. Mike McCarthy’s system made him look good, along with the QB, who must have had him in mind to throw to, but the system made Rodgers too, and the receiver’s, the line, or whoever is a part of it.

    • JaKa

      The only “garbage” around here is what comes out your mouth, baby. Hope you can keep Jennings away from the nurses office, and his mouth shut that he doesn’t get the ball thrown to his (also drops the ball a lot) his fumbling hands.

  • Scott Rochon

    This is exactly why Bert should never be in the Packer Hall of Fame! He’s still trying to stick it to the Packers. Showing all the class that most hillbillies have!

    • Drew Pierce

      So if Jennings calls him and asks what his experience is with the Vikings what is he supposed to say exactly, considering how great the Vikings treated him?

    • Rusty Hill

      Sad and pathetic!

    • Derek

      I wish you could be arrested for being so delirious…He was the best quarterback you ever had til Rodgers fell to you in the draft…you’re a moron and you want to take away his achievements why exactly??

  • Anthony DuLac

    Now, now…don’t be bitter, Packer fans. Your leadership doesn’t really appreciate players on an individual level (and that’s totally fine – in most cases, that’s the way to be as a team, anyway) but some higher-level players like to feel appreciated and respected. Clearly some of them aren’t getting that from McCarthy or Thompson, thus they move on. I’d suggest that you all stop crying about it and just move on. It’s not the end of the world. Heck, it’s not like you don’t already have an incredibly talented team. Relax, the world ain’t ending. ;) SKOL VIKINGS!

  • Anthony

    Sounds like someone is salty.

  • [email protected]

    Another so called peofessional writer. I’m a die-hard Packer fan,that being said all this idiot told us was about phone calls. Nothing substantial about the conversation.
    Why do they even post this junk? In addition we do not know what reasons the Packer brass had for not signing Jennings. There are rules that limit what they can tell us, keep in mind his past injuries,and the group of recievers we have . I think this no-name writer is trying to get a job at the Inquirer.

    • Rusty Hill

      Your objectiveness is appreciated! It’s often a difficult stance to take for members of both fan bases, me included! I had been hearing since mid-season last year that Jennings would likely be out because of the level of talent among the Packers’ young receivers. What I heard was that, if he stuck around, he’d be a #4 receiver. Why wouldn’t he go somewhere he can instantly be a #1 receiver, the offense is similar and he’s guaranteed a minimum of 9 out of 16 games will be played indoors, out of the elements?!

    • nicholas starling

      Yes, I’m sure Favre was trying to talk Jennings into staying in Green Bay.

  • Scott

    Whatever. Jennings or the Vikes called Favre, whooooopee-freaking-do. GB offered #85 almost the same money and a lot better qb (and team), he passed. oh well. Spend that money on an O lineman and a D lineman and win the division, again.

    • Rusty Hill

      Better QB, yes! A lot better team? Hardly!

      • Scott

        The Vikes are better than GB? No.

        • Rusty Hill

          What I was saying is that gay bay is hardly “a lot better” than MN. We’re also on the rise, numbnuts! “The Pack” will tumble.

    • Derek

      well to be fair, aside from my division, the AFC-West, the NFC-North is the weakest in the NFL so it’s a no-brainer GB wins every year maybe when the Bears finally get a QB they’ll show ya what’s up…until then though you can lose the division play-off game like you have consistnetly in the past few years…oh and your undefeated season was ended by my Chiefs so you can remember that, douche

      • Scott

        Brilliant analysis Chiefs fan. How many wins did they have last season? and the year before? Exactly. Last place Troll.
        GB goes out in the divisional round consistently? They did ok in the playoffs a couple years ago, Super Bowl Champion ring a bell? Idiot.

        At least you have the Royals…No wonder you’re so angry.

        • Derek

          actually you have it wrong…I never said my chiefs were anything special but at least they have depth…if we had gotten lucky and had an Aaron Rodgers like passer fall to us we’d be ON TOP easily. GB has NO defense against the run, can’t tackle for shit, a non-existent o-line and no run-game. you’re a one-trick pony and you likely don’t even know what the word depth means….i’m not taking away that you guys win the NFC north but it’s the weakest division in football OVER ALL with the most recent exception being the AFC west the past four seasons–which mind you is as long as the packers have been a consistantly winning team BUT you lack everything that makes you a superbowl team you had 2010 season you came in as a wild-card sure BUT you tied the 49ers in take-aways THAT was the only reason you got that far in the first place oh and cutler threw the game for ya not once but TWICE that year. As a whole you had more depth and a better offensive line then than you do now. The window closed on GB before 2012 even started. Adrian Peterson was only one man and yet he beat you and now vikings are finally getting some depth making them a HELLUVA lot more dangerous than the packers are. That said, I will give GB credit for the fantastic game against the texans but really other than that you guys looked terrible all season long and didnt have much competition. When you played a real time the 49ers you were EMBARASSED!! lol anyway I don’t need to justify myself to you because you’re a packer fan and don’t have the ability to think and will probably just call me an idiot or something…you’re a tool. OH and back to my cheifs real quick of course we had a shitty season we DON’T HAVE ANY GOOD QB play and everyone was all fucked-up in the head due to the suicides so give it a rest.
          Mark my words, God help you when rodgers finally gets fucked up enough that he’s OUT with a torn ACL or something. I hope I didn’t jinx it really he’s a great player and worthy of top 4 QB in the league but just so you’d see what your team is REALLY worth then….and the answer I believe was 32nd in the league which ironically would put you at the same place we were this year so GTFO. Now notice that the year our QB went out and our star running back (best in the AFC is the consensus) and our starting TE among other players were out for the ENTIRE season KC BEAT YOUR GLORIOUS PACKERS LMAO=more depth than you can fathom which how a TEAM wins games and not one man, aka, Aaron Rodgers does it because as a team you’re worthless. Now notice how I made legitimate points and not just repeated that “oh so what? we won the superbowl remember? and that ‘you’re an idiot?” Yup give a try sometime and maybe I woudln’t have to school ya so badly…bag with which one douches

          • Jerick

            Blah blah blah


            All that matters

  • Pj

    Favre left and we got Rodgers playing…Jennings leaves and now we will just get someone better. History repeats itself.

  • Scott Rochon

    Jennings did this all by himself. But you just knew Hillbilly boy couldn’t resist trying to screw the Packers!

    • Derek

      okay…after reading this last piss-poor idiots comment…I am done trying to see through the brains of the packer fans on here…seriously people you give “fans” all-over a shit-rep

  • Michaeljc59

    Who Cares, Really Jennings barely played last season due to injury, so we have enough younger recievers who will step up now and with 2 gone now as dd retired and Jennings went to the purple team it really isn’t much of a lose as once we hit him in open field on game day he will be out for another season and favre is a has been who left ontop but then in the end finally retired a purple player and all washed up, Still I am glad for what they did during the time they were here but I guess loyalty is just another word and money rules all who are not dedicated so goodluck to him as he really won’t be much of a positive force once he gets taken out for another season I just hope it is when we the Green Bay Packers Play the purple team, lol , I just hope we get some very good starter players on draft day and we really need offensive lineman and possibly a pass rusher and a running back, Go Packers and No loss for us and purple over paid someone who will be on injured reserve for next season as well, lol

    • Derek

      “WE?” are you going to be on the field that Sunday?? I hope you’re knocked the f*** unconscious you ignorant Bastard

  • John Ward

    Brett who?

  • Tami

    I love Favre. I was happy for him when he left the Jets to join the Vikings. He made a mistake & did the retirement game to long & lost his spot on the Packers, but still wanted to play. If they weren’t taking him back, how is that being a traitor? If let go by the Packers,
    a player can go where ever they want. There is nothing wrong with that. Some people just want to find faults where there are none.

  • Adam Nicholls

    Favre is a Packer Legend, regardless of his time in Purple or showing little Brett to the world on his cellphone.
    He helped save the franchise so people need to get over it.
    His beef was with management not us fans, without going over to the enemy we would never have seen the Vikings experience such pain against the Bounty Boys.
    He was the perfect person to give GJ advice, plus when GJ made his comments about All Day before our Week 17 encounter, I told my Dad that GJ would be in puple in 2013.
    My only shock was we tried to keep him, he was excellent for us and a great person, but we have the weapons to fill the gap of his loss, what we need to do is extend Raji, Matthews and A God and retool the O Line and D in the draft.
    Packers 31 Broncos 27 Superbowl XLVIII in NYC.

  • Doug

    As a Packer fan i’m not “hurt” by this at all. The Packers aren’t cheap at all. They have more people to pay than just 1 guy. Ever hear of Aaron Rogers? He’s about to be the richest player in football. Everyone can’t get paid top dollar and to save some money at the deepest spot on the team is probably where you want to take that hit. It makes perfect sense to me. Minny got a GREAT receiver imo and we got some much needed cap room. It’s a win for both teams.

    • Rusty Hill

      Someone is speaking sense!!!

  • Rusty Hill

    “Leave it to the Vikings to pull every possible trick out of their bag to get Jennings to sign with them”. Who the f**k is this writer?

  • Rusty Hill

    “Leave it to the Vikings to pull every possible trick out of their bag to get Jennings to
    sign with them.” Award winning journalist??? Must be awards handed out by a local bar or supper club!

  • nicholas starling

    Favre is a villainous traitor and should never receive an honor from the Green Bay Packers. He has absolutely stepped over the line with this heinous act of betrayal against the team where he built his reputation. It would be ridiculous to honor this person now or at any time in the future. In fact the Packers should build a gallows and hang him in effigy in front of the stadium for crimes against all Packer fans and their organization.

    • Derek

      I really hope this was a joke….

  • Alan Cooper

    There are several ways to look at this situation, but ultimately it comes down to the best offer Greg Jennings could accept, and most Packer fans will surmise that Brett would advise his friend to take the best offer, which just happened to be from the Vikings. If the Packers did not want that offer to happen, they should have found a way to keep Greg J. This comes from a loyal Packer fan for over 55 years.

    • Jerick

      Everyone seems to forget these guys are paid to play, and its a simple matter of show me the money. If you could get paid 10% more(most everything else being equal) by crossing the border or moving, I think most people would take it.

  • Daniel Laxen

    I love how the Packers fans are all about Aaron Rodgers…Don’t get me wrong he’s a great player. Best QB in the league possibly? The thing I don’t get is this. They were lucky that Rodgers fell to them when he was plummeting in the draft.Fans of the team see this as a great draft pick when it was really the only pick for the Packers…The 49ers could have easliy selected him as the #1 pick of the draft…The fact that there was no rookie salary cap then was all the better for the Packers. They didn’t have to mortgage the future. Now Rodgers is woefully underpaid…They bought a couple years for tutaledge under Favre…Now Favre straight shoots Jennings and he’s a bad guy all over again? Perhaps if the Packers had simply released Favre when he was no longer wanted in Green Bay there would have been no animosity? He might have been a Viking a year sooner? Then again, whatever the Packers do is alright with the fans of the Evil Empire…The small town team is all business, even with beloved players, like Favre and Jennings…Keep all those WRs and start a backup RB…Might want to get some O-line help before Rodgers gets shelacked and is out for an extended period?

    • Derek

      Thank you for saying something right….not a lot common-sense with anything Packer-related lol

    • justin

      yeah true but Favre going to the vikings was kinda low, remember he’s the one who retired an then tried to force his way back in. I dont remember Joe Montana trying to go play for the Cowboys to get back at the 9ers after the 9ers didnt want him anymore

  • dizzy

    we’ll never forget you, brent

  • pat

    You whiners really piss me off.Jennings ASKED for Bretts take on playing for the Vikings.Brett had a GOOD experience even paying for Billboards asking him to return while our packer fans boo’d him when he returned here.Brett & Jennings always had a good relationship.I remember Brett saying how good a reciever Greg was when Greg was only a rookie.I don’t know WHY Brett would even want to return here with such fans {fans I USED to think were the greatest in the leaque}.Brett played thru pain,injuries,family death & other hardships,giving his ALL to win for Green Bay & How do we repay him??? By being a bunch of babies,and the reporters are no better…always trying to stir things up again.Lets just say,Brett had a job in Green Bay & was happens in a lot of job positions & now its time for his silver watch…& it IS TIME!!

  • Mike Bump

    who cares, WR’s are a dime a dozen in this league, they traded away a guy with maybe more talent, certainly more versatile, and youthful, to then pay top dollar for Jennings, the only way they upgraded was in attitude, they got weaker in the return game, to get a slightly better WR, who is getting older and has been injury prone.on the bright side they did get a guy who is not so stupid as to get high before the combine.

  • pat

    BTW..I will continue to support my Green bay Packers as I have for over 50 yrs. but just hope some of these younger fans will get a grip & be thankful for the wins Brett got for us while playing here.You probably aren’t old enough to remember the Packers when they were going thru losing season after losing season,which all changed when we acquired a young gunslinger from Miss.Thanks Brett!!!!!!

    • Derek


  • JaKa

    Stop crying about Brett. This is still a free country and he can talk to whoever he wants to. Losing Jennings was good in some ways, or TT wouldn’t have let him go out in the market, even if there’s cap problems, he’d find a way around it. If Jennings wanted to talk to him, big deal, so he talked to him. Favre was just helping the guy, maybe giving directions even for all you know. It’s not like he’s going around trying to screw the Packers. What did he say just last week? Go figure.