Will making Aaron Rodgers the highest paid player in all of football hamstring the Packers in their ability to sign other players? Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Rodgers: Will his mega-deal hamstring the Green Bay Packers?

By Luke Hanish

of Lombardiave.com

Green Bay Packers linebacker A.J. Hawk was recently quoted as saying Aaron Rodgers will be getting “a billion dollars” on his next deal.

This got me thinking … will we eventually see a billion dollar deal? I know, I know, right now this thought seems a little far-fetched but after looking back a mere five years, look how some of these big name contracts have been trending. Last year it was Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. This year (eventually) it will be Rodgers.

Did Drew Brees’ greed help lead to the Saints’ downfall in 2012? Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

The dollar amounts are staggering, pushing upwards of $23 to $25 million per year. Every year it seems we have had a coveted title of “highest paid player in league history.”

I do want to get back to the Brees contract last year, however.

At the time, the case was made by USA Today Sports (among others) that Brees’s new deal would hurt the team in the long run. Somehow saying he was right after one mere season seems like quite an understatement as even with a perennial Pro Bowl quarterback, the Saints still only managed to go 7-9. The biggest impact of this Brees deal was the inability to re-sign more players at vital positions.

Letting Carl Nicks walk I believe was the biggest blow to the team. We’ll never know if Brees’ greed really led to the downfall of the Saints 2012 season, but I think the case can certainly be made.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is these types of contracts aren’t always what’s best for a team in the long run and by no means am I suggesting the Packers shouldn’t give Rodgers what he deserves.

All I’m saying (speaking on behalf of the Packers Nation, mind you), is I hope Ted Thompson plays his cards right with this one.

So who will be the next “highest paid player in league history,” (after Rodgers’ new deal) – in any league, for that matter?

Andrew Luck? Mike Trout? Stephen Strasburg? RG3?

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  • Packnasty

    I’m with you. This resigning makes me a little nervous as well. I’d take a well rounded team over a top heavy team any day. It’s just gonna kill me to continue watching our studs walk (first it’s Jennings, next year it’s gonna be Raji).

    Teddy T is so dependent on reloading with young talent, but that system is dependent on good drafts… which is something he’s largely whiffed on these last 3 years (with the exception of Cobb and Bulaga). I don’t blame Teddy T for that though, as the draft can be a total crapshoot. Teddy T is a late round/free agency genius and those guys take time to develop.

    • Luke Hanish

      First of all thanks for reading Packnasty. Second, you really think TT will let Raji walk next year already? I have to say that would be an absolute shocker to me. Anyway, we cant knock the philosophy here as draft and develop has proven itself successful. In Ted we trust.

      • Packnasty

        I sure hope not. If I’m not mistaken, his contract is up after this year, and we won’t have the cap space to re-up him before he hits the open market. I just don’t think we’d be willing to match what a desperate team would pay. I hope I’m wrong. In Ted we trust.

        • JaKa

          Offer him 15-20mil over 5 years and replace him if he goes free market next year & if he gets a bite, only go up to 20 mil or so, he’s just not worth more than that.

          • Luke Hanish

            One thing we havent even brought up yet is whether or not Capers will even be around after this year. I think it’s safe to say after last season, McCarthy will be keeping a closer eye on ALL the defensive staff, especially after the debocle in San Fran. You have to wonder if Capers was out, would a 3-4 scheme be out as well? If so, Raji might not be as valuable. Just a thought.

          • JaKa

            Capers is on solid ground from within the team, and most likely will be as long as the head coach does well. In the NFL, assistants don’t get cut often without a regime change, and the whole packer world loves Mike McCarthy who is up there with Lombardi as one of the winningest coaches ever in Green Bay, so, the 3-4 is in with Capers, and the fans still stand behind him. Okay, so a few bad games… overall, we stood up on defense much more often than rolled over. Another big stud to compliment things on D would make for a much more explosive defense. I would have to blame the players more than Capers. They just seem outmatched at times when the rush is off.

      • JaKa

        Raji is good and very good as far as they go at his position, but he’s not going to be worth mega-bucks, close to what Mathews or Rodgers are raking in. I’d give Raji a star, but not a gold one, kinda like very good vrs. excellent.

    • JaKa

      You make some good observations Nasty. TT has a habit of turning 5-6 draft choices into 8-9 choices. This way, in the law of averages if 1 in 5 players turns out to be good enough to be a starter, and 1-7 a Pro Bowl type player, you’ll get better players on the field, just by the law of averages. I have to agree with the guy who said look for the Packs 1st rounder to get traded for a couple 2s, and a couple 3s or 4s, or 5s to go with them.

  • JaKa

    Just like my boy, Clay Mathews, Aaron Rodgers will be getting a Zillion dollars from the team. Looking at the long-run in perspective to the value of each player, in how they play out insofar as their “greatness” or how often a player will play for the team a number of years, establishing records, helping get wins, and overall abilities to play beyond those around him, I must put Mathews ahead of Rodgers. Here’s why:

    Rodgers is not a player that comes around once every 50 years, at his position. At best, I’d have to say in comparison to Brett, who is a 1 in 50 years, Rodgers would be about as good as once every 15 to 30 years at best. Mathews on the other hand is pretty much like Reggie was, another 1/50 year player. Or, Clay Mathews has that potential IF he can continue without a carrier ending injury, to go down in Packers history as that great. So, I would say if they gave Mathews 66 million over 5 years, then Aaron Rodgers would be worth about 55 million over 5 years. If it were Brett, just for comparison, it would be more like 70 million, looking at what Favre left in the record books vrs. what Rodgers has and could put in the record books. It’s just my gut feeling and overall comparison.