Dave Robinson at Lambeau Field this past season. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Dave Robinson: Packers Nation is proud of you

Dave Robinson presents the Green Bay Packers second round selection to the world with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell looking on.

Dave Robinson, the former Green Bay Packers linebacker who will be formally inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this summer, stood proudly at the podium Friday night and with booming voice represented us all during his 30-second presentation of the Packers second round selection in the NFL Draft.

But it wasn’t 30 seconds of empty air. One could feel his enthusiasm, his pride and excitement about the opportunity to be there talking to the football world and reminding everyone how he felt about the Packers.

He talked briefly, but with conviction, about the Packers having signed Aaron Rodgers on that very day, the fact that the Packers were the team with the most NFL championships and that his ties with the team meant a lifetime of memories for him.

It was a moment I soon won’t forget. It’s one of the times when you feel the hair on the back of your neck rise and the memories – many of them in black and white – stream through your mind.

For me, to watch this Packers and Pro Football Hall of Famer, at least for a few moments, take pride in announcing the next member to be added to this storied franchise – well, it was something special.

One could almost feel that Vince Lombardi himself was watching from above and smiling.

I know I was smiling and continued to do so long after Robinson had left the stage – for some reason, I don’t think Vince and I were alone.

Thanks, Dave.

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