Jordy Nelson leads another dynamic group of receivers into the 2013 season - a group that could be the best in some time in Green Bay. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

The Green Bay Packers receivers: Best in the NFL


Former Green Bay Packers safety Darren Sharper (yeah, you remember him) got it right yesterday when he came out on the NFL Network saying, when the question was asked, that the Packers have the best wide receiving corps in the entire NFL.

Randall Cobb
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Though the Packers lost Greg Jennings to free agency and franchise leading receiver Donald Driver to retirement in February, it hasn’t diminished the fact that the team still has Jordy Nelson, James Jones and Randall Cobb in place – three dynamic ball catchers who have proven themselves in the past to be a triumvirate of terror for NFL defensive backs.

Add to the mix Jarrett Boykin and Jeremy Ross – two young guys the Packers seem to really like – as well as the two seventh round selections Ted Thompson brought in with this year’s draft, Charles Johnson and Kevin Dorsey, and you’ve got a recipe for a deep and talented corps at Aaron Rodgers‘ disposal. Also added to the mix is a young kid by the name of  Sederrik Cunningham who helps round out a group of receivers who will only make the Packers passing attack that much more competitive.

The key is keeping Nelson healthy, making sure Jones continues to find the end zone and moving Cobb around the field (and getting him off special teams and into a full-time receiving role).

James Jones was a touchdown machine in 2012.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

And when we add Jermichael Finley into the mix, all we can say at this point is wow. I feel that Sharper is right. This could be the most dynamic group to run routes in Green Bay in some time.

All this will also be enhanced with a better running game which should open up the passing game for the Packers.

More will be coming about how the receiving game will be that much better in 2013.

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  • Taryn Miller

    They certainly have the ability and previous production to claim such a title but,Jordy Nelson will need to retain some of what was lost due to injury and James Jones will certainly need to have more receptions even if less TDs. Cobb will be the one who dictates the coronation with his increased workload and success with it.

    Lets not forget the saying ‘less is more’ for the receiving aspect if a higher dedication to the run and its success (?) takes place.We may still boast to the best WR crew,but the numbers may not be available to justify the brag..unless ‘drops and INTs’ are micro size.

  • [email protected]

    Starting 3 are very good and sometimes great. But there is no depth that we know of. Denver’s starters may be better.