DuJuan Harris in the hospital. Photograph courtesy of DuJuan Harris via Instagram

Fist-sized cyst won't slow DuJuan Harris

Teammates will no doubt rally around running back DuJuan Harris who was out of action this week after having a fist-sized cyst drained from his chest cavity. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Just when the Packers backfield looked as strong as ever for the Green Bay Packers, running back DuJuan Harris tweeted and sent a picture showing and describing the fist-sized cyst that was being drained from his right chest cavity.

The problem for head coach Mike McCarthy and the Packers is that their policy is that players, coaches and other staff don’t get into medical condition specifics with the public.


But McCarthy didn’t know that Harris had tweeted the information until after the second day’s minicamp practice.

“DuJuan Harris will not be available for the remainder of the offseason program,” McCarthy told the media following the practice. “As we stated, we have a policy in place where we don’t go into the specifics of injuries at this time. I’m confident that he’ll be ready for training camp.”

But despite the policy, it wasn’t long before Harris’s tweet was known by all. In fact, even his agent, Dave Lee, got into the act. Here’s what he told FOXSportsWisconsin.com: “It wasn’t cancerous. It’s one of those abnormalities that some people have. It was really large and it was brushing against his chest.”

Here is what Harris tweeted initially with a picture of himself with a large bandage over the right side of his chest: “Thank God for team physicals!!!!.”

He followed it up with this tweet: “EVERYTHING IS FINE. (Doctors) found a fist sized cyst on my lung next to my heart. Shows the importance of getting routine check-ups, GET YOURS!”

And there was more: “It’s a #blessing!!! Should be 110% very soon and back to work. Thanks for the prayers and keeping me lifted!!! MUCH LOVE”

Harris will remain in Green Bay while he completes his medical treatment for the cyst. With the inch-long incision, the recovery time is expected only to be a couple of weeks, according to published reports.

“It gives him plenty of time to relax and get better before training camp,” Lee  was reported as saying about his client’s condition.

The good news for Packers fans is that, according to the reports, this is a condition that isn’t unusual, but it’s a good thing it was caught in its current state and drained. No doubt, Harris will have to be monitored closely.

So, despite the setback, the Packers leading rusher from the last quarter of 2012 should be back on the field for training camp and competing for a job with the team.

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  • JaKa

    That’s just the way things will continue going this year. He’ll be back for training camp 100%, everything’s cool, and nothing disturbed the Packers plans or training, or hurt any competitive elements while the team strives for turning last years shortcomings into this years strongest suit. Harris is too damn good to put to rest, and even giving the two rookies everyone is so high on, the worst he can do is be the 3rd back in the order of starters going that might go 5 deep on the roster. With the talent they now have, how could you let him go, being the only back that showed the competitive nature he has shown, running with wild abandon at times last year. He was a fans runner, that’s real and fo-sho. Let’s get on with the show. This year is going to be another special year. Don’t tell the team yet, but the last time I had this kind of feeling for the talent, coaches and overall temperature of the team was back in 64, when McCarthy took them, I mean Lombardi took them -btw> Isn’t it time Mike McCarthy started getting the respect Lombardi did? Look at the record books, then try not to tell me he is deserving. The trouble is the sports reporters are dominated by east coast guys,going for the Baltimore. NY, and Washington teams, trying to break .500 records vs McCarthys what, .960 or something with 15 and 1 a couple years back, not even a mention of his name.

    You can see this kid built himself near 30 inch biceps there, with hustle on top the muscles hustle, or however that goes. I’d keep him around just for that. He could get the defenders in a head-lock and crack helmets, like walnuts. Just foolin’ ya’, but he does look sharp, like kick-ars sharp, hey-ya-gumba-dapapa-ol’-bo’? One mo’ thing: How about the 3 back set? send two of them over the line of scrimmage for a pass with the option of picking up pass rushers, with a tight end and only one receiver criss-crossing or whatever. Or in short yardage situations go with a 4-back set, 2 blockers and 2 going out for the pass. Taper the elements for talent to be used as much as the players bring to the table, That might be a bit crazy, but, if you don’t try to think about options, you never think out of the box, do ya’?