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Greg Jennings, you're a sucker

It really didn’t hit me how stupid Greg Jennings was for signing with the Minnesota Vikings until I read this short post about Mike Wallace turning down a $76 million contract offer from the Vikings.

So, all I can say is that Jennings got suckered into heading west to the Land of 10,000 lakes.

If it’s true that the Vikings told Wallace that he would only have to spend the football season in the snow and cold of the Nordic Nation while holding out 76 million American dollars, it only shows the Vikings’ desperation.

It also makes me wonder what they told Jennings, the former Packers receiver on the downside of his career … that he would be enjoying the warm confines of a new stadium? Did they tell him that the stadium wouldn’t be finished for at least three years and by that time they will have shipped him down the road? Probably not.

Granted, it was Mike Wallace’s father who said publicly that the Vikings were offering the $76 million to his son, but it does give one the sense that the Vikings were selling everything but the fact that they’ve got one of the worst quarterbacks in the league who MIGHT connect with a receiver every now and again.

It also underscores the point that Jennings had to be convinced to join the Vikings by another former Packer-turned-Viking – Brett Favre.

I can hear Vince Lombardi screaming from the grave: “What the hell is going on out here?!?”

I was disappointed, angry and hurt when Jennings cozied up to the Vikings for the dollars instead of doing what everyone thought was the right thing and returning to play for a team with the league’s best quarterback and a legitimate chance at a Super Bowl championship.

But he didn’t. And he’s a sucker.

So, we shall move on … heck, as it turns out the Packers have turned what was a dynamic receiving corps last year into a hard working, potentially incredible group of guys this year … I’m looking forward to watching them excel even as much as I am to cheering against Greg Jennings.

Has training camp started yet?

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  • Art

    Funniest comment I saw after Favre signed with the Vikings was on a green shirt with the outline of Wisconsin on it with text reading “We’ll never forget you, Brent” Maybe now a new one that says “We’ll never forget you Grant” or maybe “. . . Jenkins”?

  • FlVikesFan

    Hey Raymond Rivard could you be any more of a crying little bitch??? Please explain to us all through your tears exactly how GB is going to compete for the Super Bowl this year with a rag-tag O-line and a defensive backfield that could be one of the worst in the league. Better hope your poo flinging monkey Aaron doesn’t get a hangnail because he is ALL your team has.

    • RayRivard

      FiVikesFan … BAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA. I love you Vikings fans who talk big without anything to back it up. Where’s your Super Bowl LOMBARDI Trophy room, BTW? And I wonder why that trophy is named after Vince. Hmmmmmm …

      Good luck this year.

      • RayRivard

        Actually, FiVikesFan, I think the Vikings are doing a good job of building their team – they just need to find a QB who is going to take them to the next level. C. Ponder is pretty good at handing off to Peterson, but they need someone who’s going to get the ball to receivers like Jennings. If he continues to play like he did for most of last year, they are dead in the water. They may be turning to their backup sooner than later.

    • Mike Brand

      lol now that was funny . you guys got jennings to bad you didnt get a qb that can throw to him. as far as our oline it did good job keeping that joke of a defense the vikings have at bay . without peterson the vikings would be a 6-10 team that is a fact . so go back to your purple and leave real football to the green and gold lol

    • don trask

      When you consider the Packers have beaten the Vikings twice per season for three straight years, it makes this even more humorous.

      Why don’t you try at least getting to .500 against the Packers before talking trash. Better yet, win a Superbowl and then we’ll talk. Not in your lifetime of mine.

  • Eric Klitzke

    man you guys cry so much. get over it

  • KevVc1

    What a Joke! The Vikes So-called terrible quarterback chewed up your “Great” team last year without any receivers whatsoever. And to tell any athlete he should do the “right thing” and sign for a lot less money with his original team where he was barely targeted last year is a joke. Im not sure what award you won but it clearly wasnt a Pullitzer.

    • Mike Brand

      lol are you sure about that. the game the vikes won was because of peterson not ponder but keep on dreaming lol

      • KevVc1

        Guess I dreamed 16 for 28 with three touchdowns? Pretty sure that had something to do with it. It was his best game of the year and against a playoff team. Look it up, his 94.6 QBR in Week 17 was the best performance by a quarterback vs Green Bay in 2012. Peterson chews you up every game so thats nothing new.

        • Mike Brand

          tell me again how the vikings beat us the other 2 times last year with ponder lol. one win is not a great platform to stand on lol.

          • KevVc1

            Timeout… who said anything about comparing him to Rodgers. I said he tore up youre defense without any receivers which i just gave you factual proof of that happening. Nobody said he was in Rodgers League. Of course you would switch the argument to comparing the two since you were losing the other one. And Ponder didnt play in one of the losses.

          • Mike Brand

            haha keep telling yourself how ponder is a great qb lol..we will see just how good the vikings are with jennings this season. if i was a vikings fan i would be more worried on how to stop lacy and rodgers lol

        • Mike Brand

          really you think ponder is even in the same neighborhood with rodgers . dont you all have a group to where people actually believe the vikings are in the same league as the packers lol, tell me again when was the last super bowl ponder played in again lol

  • aaron a

    Ponder now to has a legitimate WR. And if Cordarelle pans out, 2. Jerome Simpson isn’t a terrible 3. The box will be loaded to stuff AP. He’ll get a fair shot at 1:1 coverage. Ponder could pan out. From a Packers fan, cmon man. We didn’t need Jennings nearly as much as Minny did. We won the division last year without him. (The few games he played he was just taking up space, save 1) Terrible article. He cares about new stadium? Like outside in Minny is drastically different than GB? Absurd. Do you watch the sport? How in the hell is he a sucker? He got PAID. that’s ultimately why you play the sport. Don’t let anyone fool ya- Rodgers could’ve said “Ted, gimme 5mil a year…that’s plenty”….did he? Gregs got a family. You’d shovel sh!t with your bare hands for 5mil/year…with a smile. so don’t trash the mans character …like he’s a sellout or a fool. Lombardi left too (did you just learn something?) so he’d likely be way more sympathetic than you are. Can I write articles for this website? Please? So I don’t insult readers intelligence?

    • RayRivard

      Well, aaron a, sure did get you fired up, didn’t I? Sorry you were insulted. We’ll see how many games Jennings lasts playing on the concrete in the dome next season. If he plays half the season, I’ll be surprised. In addition, the Vikes drafted Cordarelle so that they won’t have to keep Jennings around for more than a season. Stopgap. He could have played out his career as a star with the best QB in the league. Instead he goes to a losing organization only to slide into oblivion after one – maybe two – seasons. Now that’s a sucker. Oh, and BTW … you judge our website by one post? Try reading a little deeper. And no, you can’t write for the site … for obvious reasons. Thanks for the comment.

      • aaron a

        I should be able to write for the website. My credibility- using facts, and thoughtful opinion- would cancel your nonsense. I dont judge the website. I judge this article. Yuck. If you got paid for this there truly is no justice in the world.
        They paid him quite a bit of money for 1-2yrs. You’re assuming someone will take him at age 32 -espwcially if he stays injured (as you seem to think). Injured here or Minny doesn’t make a difference. Why not get paid more to dig splinters out of your ass? My football intelligence is insulted. Cordarelle is Jennings heir apparent? Yeah maybe but after 1-2 seasons he’s all they need? Why wouldn’t they want that combo? What stops them from trading for a decent QB- even this year if Ponder completely sh!ts the bed.A losing oorganization that went to NFC title game 3 yearsago? with best RB in the game. They have to start rebuilding somewhere. He wouldn’t have been a star in GB. He hadn’t been that since Superbowl. Jordy took over 2 years ago. And now Cobb bumps Jennings to 3 (and for the money he wanted , “best of luck”). He could’ve stuck around and not pinched your feelings maybe? Maybe you’d be less bitter. But if you’re signing those checks youd cut bait too.He had has a better chance being the near-only option in Minny- with Ponder vs in GB with Rodgers- to put up Probowl numbers and add to legacy. Which I presume fueled part of the move as well. I think he felt slighted by upper management as well which is his prerogative. Also had we kept him you do realize we may not have had the money to extend Clay? Then what? Have exactly zero playmakers on that defense? But 4 1000-yd WRs! Oh boy!

  • Dan

    As a Packer fan, I hated to see Jennings go, but it’s kind of fun that he went to a division rival. It brings a little extra juice to the games. It will be fun to watch Jennings square off against the GB defensive backs. I can’t wait. It’s all about good theater.