Packers fans are passionate, but they aren't part of a freak show. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Mr. Bromley, Packers fans are not part of the freak show



Ben Bromley is a columnist with the Baraboo News Republic, but he doesn’t understand fans of the Green Bay Packers … or fans of any team, for that matter.

Mr. Bromley is probably a big Packers fan. I’m sure he’s among the millions who turn on their televisions at game time Sundays, sits with his family and friends and spends the next three hours enjoying the team most associated with Wisconsin. I’m sure he’s proud to be a fan and exclaims his love of the team whenever he can.

But judging from the column he wrote June 20, he doesn’t seem to get it.

Yes, most Packers fans are like him. They enjoy the three hours of pandemonium each game day and feel good when the Packers win and not so good when they lose. Life goes on, but we love the team no matter what.

But there are many who love to dress in character, some that are louder and more passionate than others … and many of them love to go to games, hang out with their brethren, enjoy a few beers and brats and the game, too.

You see, it seems Mr. Bromley’s afraid that the “weirdos” will show up on this new TBS reality show being produced. He’s afraid he’s going to be lumped in with whichever “characters” the network chooses to focus in on. He’s afraid the entire state is going to go down the tubes because TBS highlights the lives of these folks who might be just like him six days a week and then choose to support their team with some makeup and crazy clothing.

Don’t worry, Mr. Bromley – nobody’s going to make fun of you because of this still-to-be-seen program. Nobody’s going to storm into your office, point their fingers and laugh.

Remember, this is the NFL – not the nightly news. We’ll be OK.

I will tell you something that maybe you didn’t realize, however, when you wrote the column – that it would rile up the fan base. Calling fans members of a freak show is not a good thing. You probably can’t imagine what they are calling you … but you can get a pretty good idea by checking out Facebook – then again, maybe you shouldn’t.

I would suggest that the next time you write a column about Packers fans that you take the trip to Lambeau Field and check them out first. Yes, you will find the 1 percent who might fit your description, but the 99-percenters are the best you will find anywhere … and there are a bunch of people behind me who think the same.

We’re proud to be Packers fans. No matter what TBS portrays – we’re all brethren and always will be.

That’s one thing you need to understand.

Here’s a copy of the column written by Mr. Bromley.

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  • Ben Holstine

    This is what this guy is nervous about? Pitiful. I agree this will be a fun look at the subculture that spans the country if not the world with Packers fans. Oh and by the way 69 days until the season starts! GO PACK GO!

  • Taryn Miller

    MR Bromley,
    You do know what a ‘Reality TV’ show is don’t you?Do you honestly believe that those shows are ‘Real’ and the people in them aren’t ‘acting’ out of their norm?It’s a simple process,separating fact from fiction.My belief is that you Mr Bromley are appearing in a ‘Reality’show of your own by acting as though you know nothing about them or there desired intent for existing.

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  • Ben Bromley

    Speaking of “not getting it” … it’s a humor column, people. Relax. Have a Leinie’s. Breathe deep. I’m just joking around and having some fun here. There’s no reason to get your He-Man Underoos in a bunch.
    If you’re OK with being lumped in with the stereotypical oversized and overserved Packers fans, more power to you. Our differences are what make the world go ’round. This is what allows us to tolerate Bears fans. Only in the offseason, of course.

    • JaKa

      Mr. Bromley,
      Since when do you find our religion ‘humor”… we have sat through Dan Devine, Forest Gregg, Bart Starr, Donny and Marie, and now you say this is “HUMOR”? Go ahead and laugh at my pain. Time to get off…

    • RayRivard

      Mr. Bromley,

      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave a comment for us he-men with underoos – that is if you are indeed the author of the piece being questioned. If you are that columnist, you can see you’ve struck a nerve. I, too, am a newspaperman by day and a he-man in my off-time (which, as you know, no newspaperman experiences). I understand humor. However, this particular attempt at raising a laugh only lifted a few eyebrows and the ire of an entire fandom. Nobody likes being lumped into a category known as weirdos and when you essentially bring every fan of the Green and Gold into your description and claim that the state will lose all credibility because of one reality television show, well … I feel you’ve lost your sense of reality. The column, while cutely crafted with nice use of language, doesn’t go very far and misses the point of being a fan … no matter if you dress up and paint your face or simply wear an Aaron Rodgers jersey. My hope is that you still enjoy the games … and enjoy being a fan. I know I will … and I don’t even own an Aaron Rodgers jersey … or face paint.

  • JaKa

    Hey Mr. Rivard: After reading your article, I went to Mr. Bromley’s write-up and could only handle half of it. The impression I had may only count for half merit now, but I’ll go back and read the rest before I continue…

    Okay, the 2nd half was no more than his finding justice in what he said in the 1st half, and that would be; some of the Packers fans are weirdos. It seems he came down with that opinion from a result to what TBS had to say when they gave him the job for the show. As an old-timer, maybe I can help sort this all out.

    I’ve been a Packer Maniac since I was about 6 or 7 years old. Since dad loved them and the game, so goes I. I don’t care if I missed on grammar, I have something to say, you learn to sort it out if you stay in Wisconsin more than a few days. The kids in the hood played football from late July until January and then some. Baseball and hoops surrounded the rest of the year, and as you can guess, we got to pick names of players when we played, Lombardi’s teams were the guys we picked, never thinking about how they would go down in history. Along with that came season tickets dad and my uncles had, so when someone had business or was sick and didn’t go to games, I was the fill in at Milwaukee County Stadium, in the hey-days. Then came trips to Lambeau field. I think I said enough to qualify for the write-up and the fans.

    If you take in a game at any stadium, or any teams game for all of that matter, you will encounter a few weirdos, some a little weird and a few way weirder than weird. That can be said for high-school games or any other as far as that goes. We started seeing “Cheeseheads” way back in the late 80′s. They were bowing to recognition from the cameras of major networks, so they dressed half naked or otherwise to show off or show they were crazy, just for 3 seconds on TV. By the time Mike Holmgan and company were passing like nuts, and winning, the rubber-ish cheese hats couldn’t be made fast enough and Madden was laughing with respect towards the Pack and the fans.

    The cheeseheads had a new thing happening in Green Bay around that time that no other team ever picked up on, and that was jumping on the stadium wall after touchdowns for a pad on the back and a quick bottle of Miller beer, if you look closely. That kept up for a long time, and once in a while they do it again in our time now. It’s all in fun.

    Most people come to games for fun and football at it’s best. There are weirdos at games and it will be that way, as it was when I was a kid, now, and in the future. You can see the same thing at your local Olive Garden or anywhere. No insult to Packers fans, cheeseheads, or sports writers who really don’t understand what it’s all about. Maybe it’s too simple: it’s just for fun. In doing that, some guys get drunk and do weird things, some just do it without being drunk, and some push the limits of having fun beyond acceptable, turning themselves into weirdo types. We will have them no matter what. For the records I never wore nor will ever wear a cheese hat head or anything else so stupid looking. Stupid looking, ya, but I love them, even at that.

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