Ryan Braun and Aaron Rodgers are friends and business partners. ESPN Milwaukee photograph

Hey, Todd Sutton! Leave Aaron Rodgers alone!


Aaron Rodgers, we hope that in no way, shape or form do you or anyone else consider what Ryan Braun did as right.

If anything, the sports world considers it the complete opposite.

However, last year when Braun successfully won an appeal of a failed test, Aaron Rodgers was quick to stand up for his good friend … and why not?

Todd Sutton has become a name that seemingly came out of left field (no pun intended) regarding this entire Braun debacle. After Braun’s successful appeal, Rodgers was very outspoken on his Twitter account asking MLB how crow tastes and exclaiming how justice always prevails. Sutton tweeted Rodgers asking if the quarterback really believed Braun was not taking performance enhancing drugs to which Rodgers replied he’d bet his salary on it.

Talk about awkward.

The media is now blowing up over this – saying Rodgers owes Sutton at least SOMETHING. Sutton recently said a game check would suffice.

Come on guys, really?

Let’s turn the tables here for a second and put ourselves in their shoes. Would anyone reading this NOT stick up for a good friend? The extent to which Rodgers took it may have been a little much, and to be honest, he would probably (hopefully) agree.

But for those out there to think this is actually a legitimate bet and that Rodgers really does owe Sutton money? Come on now. This is a perfect example of the double edged sword that is today’s infamous social media. It can be so gratifying at one point, yet at times it can be an absolute demise, especially to higher profile athletes such as these two.

What Braun did was wrong. What Rodgers did was right … at the time. And now, maybe a little too right. All Rodgers did was stick up for a good friend. Maybe a little more than he had to, but nevertheless, hopefully everyone can appreciate that.

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  • JimJamJones

    He said he WOULD bet his salary.

    WOULD bet and AM betting are two totally different things.

    He doesn’t owe Todd Sutton anything. Sutton is just being greedy through media pressure.

  • RyansDad

    Social media is a great time waster that is actually harming social interaction. It’s phonetic discourse

  • Lauten555

    Todd Sutton did not say to Rodgers ok it’s a bet so Aaron owes him absolutely nothing.

  • Tony

    This whole thing is absolutely absurd and indicative of a lazy, lowbrow media starving for any kind of story before the real story (the regular season) begins. Last time I checked, being your friends’ corner and giving them the benefit of the doubt is what good friends do. That Rodgers is getting blasted for this is borderline disgusting. He stuck up for his friend and ended up being wrong. So what. Aaron Rodgers is allowed to be wrong and get duped just like every other person was. Rodgers also doesn’t owe this guy anything. For one, like the other poster said, you can read his comments to mean “If I WERE betting, I WOULD bet my entire salary.” Because he did say “would.” But he didn’t actually bet anyone. Rodgers didn’t say to the guy explicitly, “You’re on, I bet you my salary.” And for another, you still stick by your friends when they do something wrong. Nobody is perfect. I’ve lost all respect for Braun, but I’m not his personal friend, so it’s easier for me to do so. if Rodgers started dealing out his money on bets about his friend’s culpability, it’s pretty crass and kind of a slap in the face to your friend.