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Packers, Vikings have similar injury issues with their top guys

The Green Bay Packers and Minnesota Vikings are in the same boat – and it’s not the “Love Boat.”

Both teams went defensive line in last April’s NFL Draft – the Vikings taking defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd with the 23rd pick and the Packers following suit with the selection of defensive end Datone Jones at number 26.

Now both teams are without either one.

While it appears at this point that Floyd is the least injured of the two, Jones’s injury is unknown because nobody’s talking.

Floyd hurt his knee midway through the first half of the Vikings’ loss last Friday to the Houston Texans, while Jones lasted one play for the Packers – a play on which he suffered what everyone is saying is a sprained ankle.

The Vikings announced today that Floyd was scheduled to have an MRI on Monday because of soreness in his injured knee. Jones’s status is not known because there has been no announcement.

The lack of any type of announcement makes one feel that the injury is worse than originally thought.

Either way, both teams are without their top draft picks – at least for now, and maybe longer.

Minnesota Vikings defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd (95) is injured on this play during the second quarter against the Houston Texans at the Metrodome.
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It’s expected that news about Jones will be announced tomorrow when coach Mike McCarthy addresses the press. No doubt, it will be at the top of his conference.

Easily, this is the most disconcerting outcomes for both teams. They have come into the preseason with high anticipation when it came to these two players.

Now they head into the week’s preparations for the second preseason game without their most important draft picks.

It’s unusual for both teams to be battling similar issues, but there it is.

Our hope is that both teams get their guys back in a timely fashion.

After all, whenever the Vikings and Packers meet, we want the best players on the field.

Stay tuned …

The Packers and Vikings will meet twice over a five week period this season, the first game taking place on October 27th in Minneapolis. The Vikings visit Lambeau on Sunday, Novemeber 24th and you can find Green Bay Packers tickets for that game beginning at only $155.

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  • Mike Brand

    just hope lacy can stay healthy because that game will be one of the best lacy vs peterson

    • Name

      Maybe the dumbest comment I have ever read. Lacy isn’t fit to carry Peterson’s jock

      • eric

        and Ponder isn’t in Rodgers class of quarterbacks either. Who gets the better of the deal? Ponder and Peterson or Rodgers and Lacy? Peterson won the NFL MVP, Rodgers won the NFL MVP, difference is Rodgers carried his team to a Super Bowl victory. Ponder and Peterson, a playoff loss to the Packers.

        • Mike Bridges

          That was Webb, not Ponder dumby, the guy at QB the week before when the Vikings won.

          • Mike Brand

            and how many super bowl rings does ponder have. the reason the vikes wanted jennings and bishop was so they could see what a real ring looks like lol

          • Name

            Lol….when you can win the argument, move the goalposts…. Saying Lacy Vs. Peterson would be an awesome matchup is about the same as a Vikings fan asynig Ponder Vs. Rodgers is an awesome matchup. Nor RB on the Packers is close to Peterson. Just like no QB on the Vikings is close to Rodgers. I am not the one making the ridiculous comparison, that is you

          • Mike Brand

            how do you know lacy wont be. lacy could come out and shock people. but then again what would i expect from a vikings fan that gets packers players and they are already super bowl bound good luck with our used up toys lol

          • Name

            You really are this stupid aren’t you? A late second round pick with below average speed, above average power, and below average agility……..yeah, he will be as good a AP. Wow, the delusion of Packer fans never cease to amaze me. Adrian Peterson IS the reigning MVP. He also IS the best RB in football. Saying a late second round pick is a great matchup with AP before he has even played a down in the NFL is BEYOND stupid. That would be about the same as a Jets fan touting the great upcoming matchup between Geno Smith and Aaron Rodgers

          • Mike Brand

            as i said is the vikings page so boring lol. we understand the vikings wisj they were the packers so much so they take every used toy we throw away but is the fan base the same and wish they were packers fans so much so they visit packers sites lol

      • Mike Brand

        lacy might not have the speed of peterson but i will bet you he has the same strength .

        • Name

          And Mike, Lacy may be strong, but it is not just Peterson’s speed that he lacks. Also elusiveness. Lacy is not in the same league

          • Mike Brand

            also i know peterson maybe even more than the vikings fams i got to watch him play in oklahoma he is a great back but that does not mean he can not be matched because he is in purple now

          • Name

            So, you watched him for 3 years in Oklahoma, which means you know more about him than Vikings fans who have watched every game of his in the NFL since 2007. Wow……I am not saying Peterson cannot be matched. I am saying Peterson cannot be matched by Eddie Lacy, or any other RB currently in the NFL. You know why? Because he has been the best RB in the league since he was drafted

          • Mike Brand

            dont you have a vikings site to play on

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  • manbearpig01

    is this article for real? Yes Floyd was drafted in the 1st but as of right now, he’s a backup. Also, his MRI is negative.

  • CLW

    Lacey has 2 good knees, & is a different type of runner. We beat you 2 out of 3 last year. Neither have to carry their teams by themselves. To many injury’s will kill either team season. Packers played it safe with their regulars during preseason. Vikes probably did the same.

  • CLW

    The Viking site must be awfully boring. Only the Vike dumpsters divers post here on the Packer site. Go figure.