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Will Ryan Braun's public apology be OK with Aaron Rodgers?

Milwaukee Brewers outfielder Ryan Braun went public this afternoon with an apology for his role in the Biogenesis scandal – an involvement that Green Bay Packers’ quarterback and best friend Aaron Rodgers was publicly vocal about.

The apology issued by Braun included many of the words that folks have been waiting for: embarrassment, sorry, mistakes, ashamed.

He admitted that he kept the truth from everyone, including his friends and people closest to him – his family. He said he was in denial and convinced himself that he had done nothing wrong.

Many went to bat for him, including Rodgers, who said on the first day of training camp just a few days after his friend and business partner was suspended that he was disappointed in Braun’s actions.

How will he feel now? My guess is that Rodgers will continue to support his friend in the only way he knows how … by being there to help Braun resume his career and get back on his feet. As a friend, that’s why he’s there.

But there are those in the media who say that Braun’s public apology doesn’t go far enough. Tim Kurkjian, appearing on ESPN, was inches away from calling Braun a wimp for what he thought was an incomplete statement. “I certainly thought there was going to be more,” he said on the air. He went on to say that he thought Braun would stand behind the microphone in a press conference and answer questions from the media. That Braun would look people in the eye and provide answers to questions about his behavior.

To what end, Mr. Kurkjian? So the bloodsuckers out there can continue to skewer Braun and string him up as the poster child of what you would call wimp-ism?

He explained what happened. He was injured. He took products he shouldn’t have. He got away with it, he denied it and then when the crap hit the fan a few weeks ago, he was finally nabbed.

He’s paid his price. Yeah, he will only lose out a few million dollars on his $100-plus million contract, but he was smart about it. He’s taking his lumps now, he’s finding his way back to the game he loves and he’s asking those close to him to accept his apology, to help him understand what he’s done to them and to move on for the betterment of his personal and professional life.

Among those he will be leaning on in the coming months will no doubt be none other than Rodgers. The two are in business together, they have chummed together and their connection as their sports’ MVPs will forever link them.

So let’s back off, let the guy recover his sanity, his friends, his family and his occupation.

That’s what he wants, that’s what his family wants and no doubt, that’s what Aaron Rodgers wants.

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  • Moveguy

    Braun went around claiming the sample collector was anti jewish. To what end? Seriously? He went and did a live interview after his suspension was over turned and was so arrogant, this does not even come close to how bad that was. Awful job by Braun here!

  • http://www.facebook.com/mike.garone.56 Mike Garone

    Aaron.. you have said many times you wanted to be a better man then football player / this is the time to speak out or cut ties with Mr. Braun .. nothing to gain from his friendship.. he has money , family.. etc… who will continue to support him.. unless you have something to hide … call him out ! he made you look silly… by no fault of you. he’s just a bad dude … nothing wrong by being fooled .. it shows you are a good friend .. that got lied too!

  • skeletony

    This is a very poor article. To try and paint Braun’s wrongdoings as ‘He got injured, used PEDs to recover, got caught and paid his price’ is like saying of O. J. Simpson ‘He had a spat with his ex-wife, paid for his mistake.’. Braun pulled a Lance Armstrong (and this is ignoring whether one believes or should believe that he was merely trying to recover from injury, which sounds a lot better than ‘I cheated to get better stats’) and personally attacked people, lying about them and what he did etc. Aaron Rodgers, whom I think is one of the three or four best QBs in the game, made an awful error in going to bat for Braun. Funny how little we hear from him about giving his salary up if Braun was guilty eh?

    That Braun may be ‘skewered’ by some in the media if he is honest does not justify his not being honest. AS you can see his dishonesty has not helped him one bit here so he should have just taken the high road and been honest about what he did in totality.

    • RayRivard

      Skeletony … how can you possibly compare what Braun did to O.J.? This is not murder. Braun lied. He’s not the first to do so and certainly won’t be the last. He doesn’t have to stand in front of the media and yes, be “skewered.” For what? For telling a lie? The only person he hurt was himself in the end. Yes, he disappointed people, especially Aaron Rodgers, but that’s something the two of them need to resolve, not the media. Let the guy recover from his own mistakes and let’s move on.

      • skeletony

        I did not compare what Braun did to murder at all. Perhaps you missed the point of the analogy? I compared YOUR understating of what he did to another person understating what O.J. did. Reading comprehension is your friend. He has to quit lying if wants to stop being “skewered” so your trying to excuse his most recent lying by saying he would be skewered, as he is now being done because he is lying again, is quite frankly bollocks.

        The only person he has hurt was himself?!? Are you some kind of moron?! What about the tester he lied about, throwing him under the bus and calling him an anti-semite? What about Aaron Rodgers who publicly went to bat for him, even attacking people who rightly called Braun out? He even went into business with Braun and this can’t help that endeavor!

        Bottom line is that you do not make a lot of sense here. You sound like one of these ‘Steroids are no problem and I wanna see more home runs!’ guys. Braun cheated, just like Sosa, Bonds, A-Rod and Maguire and they should all be permanently banned from Baseball and never allowed anywhere near the Hall of Fame, for that alone! Add their lies and especially Braun’s Lance Armstrong type attacking of innocent people and I cannot begin to understand how someone like you sleeps at night?