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Vince Young breaks a tackle by Seattle Seahawks safety Chris Maragos (42) for extra yards in the 3rd quarter at Lambeau Field. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Seahawks over Packers in preseason bout at Lambeauu

The Seattle Seahawks line up for a play during the third quarter against the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. Seattle won 17-10. Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports


The Seattle Seahawks invaded Lambeau Field tonight, proceeded to run all over the Packers defense and came away with a 17-10 win in both teams’ third preseason contest. Seattle improved to 3-0 and the Packers fell to 1-2.

After Seattle drove the field on their first possession that was capped with a field goal, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers led the Packers on a 52-yard drive on their first possession, featuring a 21-yard strike to Jermichael Finley. However, that drive bogged down and Mason Crosby connected from 39 yards to tie the game at 3-3.

That’s when both teams dug in and basically pushed each other around for the next three quarters of the game. When it was all over, the Seahawks had rushed for 166 yards, which was the stat that broke the Packers back.

While teams want to win the game, Packers head coach Mike McCarthy had a goal to get every player into the game and he did just that. He wanted to see how his backups played against the first-teamers for the Seahawks. If that was the goal, it was mission accomplished. With plenty of tape on just about every player on the roster, the Packers, according to McCarthy, will begin the evaluation process in the morning.

Probably the biggest standout for the Packers on the evening was quarterback Vince Young. With a near perfect 130 quarterback rating, Young showed his athleticism while playing in the second half. He passed and ran the Packers to their only touchdown of the night and seemingly played himself onto the team with his performance.

However, don’t tell McCarthy that. As for the Packers backup quarterback situation, here’s what he said after the game:

“It’s not resolved. Last year it came down to the last week before we made the decision. We’re still working through the process.”

However, when watching Graham Harrell play tonight, it’s clear he’s not the answer. B.J. Coleman throws a better ball and will be a practice squad player again.

While McCarthy didn’t give an answer about the overall quarterback situation, here’s what he had to say about Vince Young:

“I thought he took a step today. He took the team right down the field. He made plays with his legs, so yeah, I think he took a step.”

Translation: Young made the plays and Harrell Didn’t.

So if there’s one thing that’s been resolved, it looks like Vince Young has finally gotten the advantage.

Cutdown days come next week as teams must get to the 53-man roster just after the final preseason game. The Packers play at Kansas City Thursday night, but expect the announcement of cuts to start as early as Monday.

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  • palmercottrell

    It was pretty obvious that the packers did not play the game to win. I hate pre season (expedition football). Why even keep score. Ok now we know that Harrell can’t play but we already know that. Now we know the the packer O line stinks and we knew that. Now we know the the packer secondary stinks but we already knew that so that is enough pre season football practice. Lets get down to the real deal. One more wasted effort next Thursday. Last chance to roll out the loosers. Time to play real football ball. Stop charging fans full price to watch a Get together, I can’t really call them games.

    • Dan

      Secondary stinks? I must have not been watching the same game as you. They held Wilson to under 50 passer rating and forced two interceptions. The starters didn’t give up any TDs. Preseason is real football. It’s guys playing their hearts out for a job. Thursday’s game will not be a waste for them.

      • Moveguy

        Dan I totally agree with you. Not sure what game Palmer was watching, but it sure was not the Packers. I was very pleased with our first team D. I was very pleased with our first team O. This is the same team that blew out Denver last weekend and we shut them down. Yes some people cost themselves jobs last night with individual poor play. We have to cut 15 people any way and time for some of them to go.

        • JH9

          Although I thought our defense played well, it looked to me as if our offensive line was overpowered most of the night. I’ll be curious to hear from those who analyze the game tape what they see.

          • Moveguy

            I don’t think you can judge the O line with Graham Harrel playing QB. They were playing 8-9 men in the box daring Graham to complete a pass. Notice I said taht instead of beating them. Impossible for Graham to beat any NFL defense. I think and hope VY is the backup QB and Mr. Harrell is shown to the streets.

      • lynncanal

        If you are comparing stats already – why don’t you admit – Rogers hardly was required to play. That won’t be the case when these two teams meet in the regular season. And the playoffs, of course. Don’t count Wilson out. Or the serious depth of the Seahawks roster.

        • Dan

          Lynncanal, I think you totally missed my point. I was responding to PalmerCottrell’s remark that the Packers secondary stinks. I think Wilson is a great quarterback with a bright future. All I was saying was that the starting Green Bay secondary has played well. Not saying they are elite or anything. But they are far from being terrible, which some people claim. My remarks were not a dig at the Seahawks. I was merely making the point that the Packers secondary performed admirably against a good quarterback. Despite what you may think, I’m not counting out Wilson or the talent on Seattle by any means. Not sure how you took my comments, but if you’re looking for a Packers/Seahawks banter, you won’t get it here.

  • lynncanal

    Both teams wanted to win – no kidding. Only one did. The Seahawks showed off their roster’s depth to the crowd and to the observing sports analysts’s eyes – in impressive play after play. The crowd at Lambeau field has been put on notice – the Seahawks are ready to play serious football. I wonder if the Packers roster is good enough – to best this team later this season.

    • Moveguy

      News flash your 1st string played to the third quarter and the Packers pulled the best QB in the league after one series. You still barely won. You have a nice team, but NO ONE is scared of you.

      • Mister Jones

        No one is scared of Seattle? …. Hahaha. That was simply an idiotic statement? We went undefeated at home last year. We have the top ranked defense, and we are in the top division in the league with a strong argument to be #1. … Either you don’t watch football, or you just simply like Haterade. Either way, you are now being ignored for being dumb on the internet.

  • lynncanal

    Moveguy – thanks for the laugh. Let’s just all admit yesterday was practice. And show. And good entertainment value for Lambeau field fans. Fans, who I am certain, would rather have McCarthy at least trying for the win – in a 1-2 pre-season for the Packers. I will take the undefeated Seahawks over this years cheeseheads. Unapologetically.

    Bring on the regular AND post season. I am certain the Seahawks will see you there.

    • Dan

      Undefeated Seahawks? They haven’t played a game yet. Oh, you’re talking about the preseason. That’s funny.

    • Moveguy

      See Lynn that is the difference between smart fans and lunatics. Lions went 4-0 in preseason then went 0-16 regular season. The Packers are all about staying healthy and giving the 2nd and 3rd stringers time to work out their issues this year. Who cares how many preseason wins you have?

  • lynncanal

    Oh the trash talking NFL season is ON. Hey dude – McCarthy and Carroll were mixing every line up – all game long. It was ENTERTAINMENT at it’s very best. Bottom line – as Fox Sports tells it – the Seahawks are must see t.v – this year. For a reason.

    See you around this regular season. I will take that bet right now – that the Hawks and the cheeseheads will see each other in the post season. Can’t wait. And in regard to who wins that match – you know it’s the Hawks. I know you know so.

    • Dan

      NFL trash talk? Where? Who? I think you’re looking for a reason to gloat about an overhyped Seahawks team (haha). Seattle could be crowned the champions of the Preseason. Which means nothing.

      • Moveguy

        What was that? We will take the ball and we are going to win?

  • skeletony

    Seahawks fan here but not a dumbass. There are probably less than 1% of our fans who act like lynncanal, honestly, but it only takes one of him to post dumb shit to opposing teams’ message boards.

    As for the game, it is preseason and meaningless except for the evaluations the coaches are able to make from the game. Our defense was shoved around a good deal as well and our QB is starting to worry a lot of us with his penchant for overthrowing receivers now (nearly 12 overthrows in the last two games I think).
    I still would not bet against us going undefeated this season and certainly expect to see us in the Super Bowl. It’s just that I am not one for blind faith and dogmatism so I can acknowledge our imperfections.

    As for Vince Young, I am sorry to say this as I really like the guy as a QB (though I would not want him as our QB) but I do not think he ever plays for another NFL team and is cut by the Packers after the last preseason game. NFL’s scouts have a pretty unanimous evaluation of him and it’s not good. Young still has athleticism and can make dynamic plays at times but he apparently just cannot grasp the fundamentals of NFL QB play and that is the reason Fischer did not want him, Seattle did not want him and no team aside from Green Bay even wanted him on their preseason team and McCarthy’s decision to bring him in is still considered a strange move by most who know him.

    • Dan

      Thanks for the honest and level-headed perspective. You represent your team well.

      • Moveguy

        He just said he would not be surprised if his team goes undefeated and in the Super Bowl and you call that level headed? 12-4 is level headed. 16-0?

    • RayRivard

      Well said … thanks

  • lynncanal

    You do – “care”. That’s who. Sit back and enjoy the ride. I am backing the Seahawks all the way. Through the make believe preseason to the real deal – the post season and Super Bowl. Why not. They are smart enough, and talented enough – and confident in their ability enough this year – to go all the way.

    Don’t worry, Moveguy – Be happy. And take some hand warmers with you to the Super Bowl this year. I hear they are predicting a snow storm on the East Coast during the game.