Eddie Lacy on a rush attempt in the first half of the Packers preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks. Joe VanDeLaarschot photograph

Should we be worried about the Packers running game?


Last week, Eddie Lacy ran through sizeable holes, he was easily reaching the second level, dragging linebackers and defensive backs for yards after contact.

This week, Lacy and the rest of the Packers running backs were nothing short of stymied by the Seattle Seahawks’ stout defense.

Should we be alarmed that Lacy’s run totals went like this: 3, 2, 1, 0, 0, -3, -2, -6?

Or how about fellow rookie Johnathan Franklin’s totals? His went like this: 3, -7, 3 and 2 yards.

And before he went to the sidelines for the night after reinjuring his knee, DuJuan Harris carried three times for two yards.

In all, the Packers run game was pretty pathetic.

But consider that the majority of these runs came with Graham Harrell as the quarterback and they were against the Seahawks’ first team defense. Clearly, they had their ears pinned back and were coming after the Packers run game because they knew that Harrell, who was cut by the team today, was not going to beat them with his arm.

Take away Alex Green’s 31-yard fourth quarter scamper and the Packers run game was nonexistent.

Ironically, despite being gashed by Seahawks big plays on offense, having a touchdown reversed, and a nonexistent run game (minus Vince Young) and the Packers still had a chance to win the game.

So, the question remains: Should we be worried about the Packers running game?

Hell no.

Put Aaron Rodgers into the game, get the first team offensive line to start gelling and put Eddie Lacy or DuJuan Harris in the backfield and we are going to see some action. Give it some time, keep the players healthy and stay with the run game and there will be production this season.

Is it looking pretty bad right now? Yeah, that was not a good looking effort last night. But give it some time and I think this offense is going to be, once again, one of the best in the league.

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  • Taryn Miller

    Should we be worried about the Packers running game?…YES!
    I understand the arguments with Harrell being the QB and the 2′s-3′s were playing blah,blah,blah and meaning no disrespect Ray but,I’ve said it before and will again,unless you can run when your opponent knows you are,as the Seahawks knew last night,your run game is in trouble.
    ‘COULD/WOULD/SHOULD’ there be a difference had Rodgers played an entire half,which I understand why he didn’t,… ‘THERE BETTER BE’…however, it appears we’ll have to wait till the SF game to see first hand and until then…there is NO ‘THUNDER and LIGHTNING’ in the Packer backfield…a storm may be rolling in,but it hasn’t arrived yet!

    • Mel N EEE

      Some storms roll in slowly. Considering there was zero running game last year (except for Harris late in the Season), I’d say we should not expect a great running game (a storm) during September. It’s going to build and slowly appear (meaning the first couple of games may suck badly; or rely entirely on 12′s arm).

      But, there is the potential for a really interesting running game to emerge by October. The combined Lacy/Harris prospect is GB’s best chance to bring some diversity to their game this year. The fact that Lacy/Harris have entirely different styles and strengths is a positive.

      No matter what, it should be a drastic improvement over last year. The only problem right now is September.

      • Taryn Miller

        “The only problem right now is September.”

        With the Packers opening with SF,Sea and Cinn and an early week 4 bye,this storm needed to be ready to hit the field and not hovering in the mindsets of those who hope it would.

        Inside the very reasons for drafting RBs was to enable the undertaking which is September and knock down the doors of deterance,which includes not only those we play,but also McCarthys strong lacking to commit to the run in the many weeks that follow.

        Go Pack Go!!!

        • Moveguy

          So Taryn you are saying we should have kept AR on the field more in preseason just to try and improve our running game? Never mind the fact that if AR got hurt in it would immediately end our hopes. Never mind the fact that we had to figure out what the deal was with our back up QB situation and they needed as many reps as they could get.

          This preseason was all about keeping the players as healthy as they can and evaluate talent. Yes MM said they wanted to win games, but that is PR talk.

  • Moveguy

    NO! AR barely played, what was it a total of 4 series the entire 3 games? When he did play, they moved the ball at will. They did that without Cobb and Nelson. Now let’s seriously think about if that was a real game against Seattle, do we think they would have been playing 8-9 men in the box? Packers lineup normally Cobb, Nelson and Jones at WR and Finley at TE. There goes 4 defenders right there and they are down to 7 in the box. Now if they play 2 safeties to help cover the four, then you are down to 5 in the box.

    So we have 5 people trying to stop the run and we also have 2 of our 4 targets in man coverage. We have one of the best QBs in the league at diagnosing the D and able to execute on man coverage. Let’s be clear, that means 2 of our 4 dangerous targets are going to be in man coverage. That is a winning forumla for the Packers. Now does our line need to get better at blocking, of course. It will be much easier for them than it was this past week when the opposing D is more worried about AR throwing for 400 yards and 4 TDs against them than Graham sitting back there.

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