Nov 4, 2012; Green Bay, WI, USA; Green Bay Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb (18) does the "Lambeau leap" after scoring a touchdown during the game against the Arizona Cardinals at Lambeau Field. The Packers defeated the Cardinals 31-17. Mandatory Credit: Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers fans unite: No more waiting list



Should the Packers make the current fans on the waiting list their first priority should the added game from an 18-game schedule comes to fruition?

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There needs to be a ground movement among Green Bay Packers Nation to bring a message loud and clear to the Packers brass.

With one stroke, up to 80,000 deserving Packers fans on the season ticket waiting list could get their tickets, some of whom have been waiting decades for tickets.

President Mark Murphy has an opportunity to give back to the fans in one fell swoop, rather than sell out to corporate America.  What am I referring too?  NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has been adamant for the last several years to add an 18-game schedule, and with the rash of injuries occurring in preseason, the support has been slowly growing.

If men like Roger Goodell and Mark Murphy and a host of other NFL higher-ups want an 18 game regular season, then eventually it will happen.

Packers Nation needs to be proactive and get out in front of this and let Mark Murphy know – he needs to make sure the fans who have been waiting, 5-, 10-, 15-, 20-, 30-plus years for season tickets, are his priority.  Once an 18-game schedule is approved, each NFL team will get one extra road game and one extra home game to their schedule.

BAMM!!  That’s all of a sudden 80,000 season tickets available for a Packers regular season home game. What is the plan for that ticket?  At this point I haven’t heard.  Because it hasn’t been approved and no one is talking about the tickets, only the extra two games.

We all need to unite as Packers brothers and sisters, to help out those who have been waiting for years.  I call not only on those who are on the waiting list, but all Packers fans to let Mark Murphy know, starting now we want those tickets for the ones who are most deserving.

I also call on current season tickets holders, to help those same fans  who bought your tickets when the Pack was bad and you didn’t want them. They bought them from you allowing you keep and hold on to  your tickets.

So come on Packers Nation, let’s join forces on behalf of the fans this time, and let the Packers brass know well in advance of the 18-game season – sell those tickets to the good people of Wisconsin and around the world. Reward who have been waiting for tens of years, who really need to be taken care by the Packers brass. This is one sure way to do it.

What a wonderful thing Mark Murphy could do.

What do you think …?


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  • Ferrari Driver

    Tough luck. Someone in the family should have bought season tickets when the Packers played in the crumby East High School football field and the stadium was half filled. Buy your tickets on the open market like I do and shut up.

  • Moveguy

    Maybe one of the worst articles ever written. You don’t know what would happen to the 9th home game in regular season? Seriously? The season current season ticket holders are already buying 8 regular season and 2 preseason games. All that would happen is it would become 9-1. Seconldy, tickets to one game a year does not make a season ticket holder. 1 game does not equal a season.

  • The Ultimate Fan

    As long as the NFL endorses and encourages season ticket holders to sell their tickets to Ticketmaster for a profit the long wait will continue. There is absolutely no reason to relinquish their tickets when all they have to do is turn them over immediately for a profit. Why give them up when you can make a few bucks for doing very little.

  • palmercottrell

    I’m all for 2 more games if they drop 2 games from the 4 pre season schedule. After seeing what McCarthy did this year with playing four games with total use of all the players he was going to cut anyway. The rub is that they make the fans buy all the pre season tickets for full price then produce 4 scrimmages that are not even worth watching. If a person wants to attend a game in Lambeau they can buy tickets, they just have to shell out the money. If you are a real football fan you know that the best seats are in front of your big screen with drinks and food that are affordable. I watch with a large group and we rotate the location so everyone takes part. The tickets are hot now but one bad hit on Rodgers and the demand will drop like a lead weight.

  • Dennis Oleson

    18 Games would be crazy. Think about it a little bit before agreeing to it. 4 pre season helps to decide who will be on this years team, they are needed. The Pack has trouble keeping players off IR now, what would happen with 2 more games? Players salaries would have to increase and basically nothing would change from what it is like now. How does 1 game become a season ticket?

  • Herman Moore

    Season ticket doesn’t mean what you think it means…