Greg Jennings signature with his alleged "Packers Suck" addition.

OK, we’ve got to say it: Greg Jennings, if this is true, you suck

This afternoon Twitter exploded among fans of the Green Bay Packers – and those just curious about Greg Jennings – about a tweet from a person who goes simply by Mikaela - a tweet that included a picture with an alleged autograph from that “guy” over in Minnesota. Here’s the tweet:

Without going to the instagram picture, the supposed evidence is below in the picture of the helmet …

Greg Jennings signature with his “Packers Suck” addition.

Yes, Greg Jennings seems to be at it again. This time the “Packers suck” script was allegedly signed by the former Packer on a fan’s Viking helmet last weekend – an action that only continues to fuel the flames between the Packers and Jennings. It all started last summer when Jennings made several remarks about his former team, especially about the former quarterback he played with through the first few years of his career in Green Bay – Aaron Rodgers. It seemed things had died down the past few weeks with the start of training camp and into the first couple of weeks of the regular season. Until this came about. I sent a question tweet to Michaela about her Twitter entry and here’s what I asked:  

Here is how she responded:  

So we have to ask the question: Will  Greg Jennings  ever come to his senses and just play football? His team is 0-2. Doesn’t he have more important things to focus upon? Maybe he’s upset he isn’t on the receiving end of some of those bullets Rodgers continues to throw to his teammates over there in Green Bay. Instead, he’ stuck playing magic man in trying to catch those passes thrown into the next time zone by Christian Ponder. Either way, if this was indeed done by the former-Packer-turned-Viking it was a poor move by a man who is supposed to be a high class person. We thought he was better than that. If this is indeed his autograph and his work … then I have to say it … Yes, Greg Jennings, you suck. And if you like what you’re reading here and want to more,  check out our Packers Podcast… head on over to to give it a listen.  

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  • Tom Dupuis

    So, a fan asked him to write it and he did? That’s what is so controversial? If you would stop to think, everything Jennings has done up to this point has been for the approval of his new fans. You have to remember, up until a few months ago, Jennings was considered the enemy. Fans probably thought he was only leaving Green Bay for the money. Why wouldn’t he want to go out of his way to show his new fans that he’s true to his new team?

    • Kathy Kramer

      First of all, the negativity was initiated by Jennings himself until it got to the point where Leslie Frazier, his coach, told him to knock it off. But he still did it anyway with the whole “brainwashed” episode. Jennings put himself in this position where, regardless if this is true or not, people will believe it.

      Now take Desmond Bishop. If it were he who was accused of writing that, we’d all be shocked because even though he signed with the Vikings, he didn’t badmouth his old team when he left.

      The only way I would see if a football player would write [team name] sucks even if the fan asked is if that person had no class. You show your loyalty to your new team by showing up, doing your job, and being a class act.

      Whether the helmet incident is true or not, you don’t badmouth the former team. If Jennings doesn’t stop, he becomes a distraction to his new team because the press is talking about his bitter ex antics and not about how the team is doing.

      • Tom Dupuis

        Come on! Jennings never set out to run an anti-Packer campaign. He simply answered questions that was asked on random talk shows. Granted he should have never used the word “brainwashed” but what he (clumsily) was referring to was the fact that the Packers are such a part of the fabric of Green Bay, you don’t realize until you leave what it’s like on the other side of the fence.

        Again, keeping the rivalry in mind, he wanted his new fans to know that Minnesota was a nice surprise to him. Do you really expect him to say publicly that Green Bay is head and shoulders above the rest?

        As far as Leslie Frazier, I’m sure he told Jennings to knock it off not so much because of what he said, but how the media was blowing everything out of proportion. These days, with 24/7 news (and camera phones, Facebook, etc.) that can easily become a distraction.

        It’s pretty obvious to me that Jennings craves this feeling of being accepted, to the point where he will publicly make a fool of himself to get it. So, let him. Who cares? Go Pack!

  • GB

    Hard to know if he actually did this considering a memo went out to the NFL from Goodell telling owners and coaches that they are risking fines if they continue to trash talk the personnel of other teams… It wouldn’t be a smart move. Of course, his comments over the past few months haven’t shown the greatest judgement on his part, so maybe he did.

    Now, if the fan did it himself after the fact and then posted it on social media for the world to see so that it looked like Jennings did it? That should tell Mr. Jennings just how bright (and classy) his new fans are. It’s one thing for a person to open their mouth and put their own reputation on the line. For an alleged fan to do it is just sad. It is one of those, “Who needs enemies when you have friends like that?” situations.

    If it wasn’t Jennings (I really hope it wasn’t because I’ve been struggling to maintain some respect for him), my hope is that the fan will acknowledge that on social media. Unfortunately, we’re talking about a Vikings fan, so it’s unlikely they would even get that it was unfair to do Jennings.

  • NFL Madness

    What a dick!

  • Wyatt Thompson

    Without yards catches or touches on the queens he has to do something to pass the time.

  • Kristi

    Who cares?! There’s not a single football team out there that doesn’t have a rivalry relationship with another team. Everyone knows the rivalry between the Packers & the Vikings. The stadium is full of Packer fans who hate Vikings & visa versa. It’s rivalry that keeps football alive. I agree completely with Tom… If it keeps the fans (who ultimately pay Jennings salary) happy… Then so be it.

    Leave it to a Packer fan to get their feelings hurt & whine about it on the Internet. Dumb.

    • Kris

      So, why then Ms. Kristi must you judge others, as well…As in “Leave it to a Packer fan…” Unless, of course, you are trolling!

      • Kathy Kramer

        She’s probably a Vikings fan projecting their dismay at their teams standings onto Packer fans commenting on an article because her team is 0-2 and needs to put us down to make herself feel better.

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  • 81chains

    Although I agree that maybe us Packer fans are getting a little too riled up over the things Jennings has done since his departure, I will say he is coming off as someone with the maturity level of a 3rd grader.

  • CLW

    I’m not surprised of anything Jennings says or does. Sure looks like he won’t get his number retired & be put in the Packer HOF. How is playing for the Vikes working out for you?