Meriweather Hit on Starks Deemed Legal?!?

Washington Redskins defensive back Brandon Meriweather was not suspended, but did incur a fine of $42,000 for his illegal hit on Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy.

Many across the social media universe believe the fine is too light and should have resulted in suspension.

The replay speaks for itself.

What’s even more puzzling is that the NFL deemed Meiweather’s second helmet-to-helmet legal on James Starks. The hit was also colossal, resulting in another concussed player. This time, Meriweather himself.

Meriweather lowered his helmet and struck James Starks with the crown of his helmet above.

Dean Balindo, the NFL director of officiating, explains:

“It was helmet-to-helmet, but it wasn’t the crown of the helmet. They made contact with the sides of the helmet. The rule is very specific, that the contact needs to be at the top of the helmet.”

His statement does not correlate with what actually happened. The initial contact was made with the crown of the helmet between Starks and Meriweather, as shown in this photo.

Further evidence is suggested in this video of an illegal hit. If you watch closely around 2:37, Meriweather’s crown of his helmet slammed James Stark’s head sideways. Slow the play down and you can observe Stark’s helmet jolt from the crown hit by Meriweather.

For a hit to be deemed illegal, the NFL rule states: The player “must deliver a forcible blow with the crown of his helmet to any part of his opponent’s body. The crown is the very top of the helmet.”

Isn’t that what we just witnessed in the video or should I go in for an eye exam?

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  • mic4tech

    $42K and nothing for the clear 2nd hit. So much for the NFL worrying about concussions. Head in the sand and the problem goes away. Even if he didn’t have a concussion of his own, Merriweather should be out as long as Lacy cannot play – period.

    • CLW

      I think that’s a great idea. The guilty player is suspended until the victim is cleared to play. Glad to see Meriweather got a taste of his own medicine. Now he he got a taste of his own medicine & was relieved of 40K for the Lacey hit.