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Green Bay Packers: Was It The Right Play Call?

Coach Mike McCarthy didn’t call his best game on Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals. Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports photograph


It’s been a long time since a Green Bay Packers loss has upset me as much as the loss that occurred in Cincinnati against the Bengals on Sunday.  I’m firm believer in playing a smart game for 60 minutes, and to me, that didn’t happen.

A lapse in judgment occurred during the Packers drive that would ultimately send the game into the loss column.  Anybody with any football knowledge knew what the Packers were going to do on the fourth and 1 that resulted in the fumble return for a touchdown.  To me, there was no way the 200-pound rookie, Johnathan Franklin, could have ever penetrated the defensive push the Bengals presented on that play.

A field goal would have been a great choice for the Packers, forcing the Bengals to have to get 7 points to win.  Even a better play call on fourth and 1 would have softened the blow.  I could have seen a bootleg play to Aaron Rodgers’ right working much better.

To say the least, I was surprised by McCarthy’s play call there, and then the fumble occurred, and then the touchdown.  I’m not even upset he didn’t secure the ball.  It was a punch to the gut.

What do you think about the play called on the field?

Luckily, I’m a firm believer in finding silver linings in difficult situations.  Once again another non-starter at running back shows the depth the Packers can present at the position. Franklin rushed for 103 yards, a fact with which we should all be very pleased.  Jordy Nelson continued making acrobatic catches that helped the Packers continue to put points on the board.  Though our defense bent at times, we should be happy they were able to force some turnovers as well as giving our offense chances to score.

With two weeks to rest up and get healthy, the Packers should come back at full steam.  At 1-2, the week 5 matchup against the Lions will bring the playmakers to the table for the Packers. I expect a smart, sharp game from the players and coaches.

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  • Galileo


  • Galileo

    if MM didn’t outsmart himself in the middle of the 2nd quarter trying to make Cincy accept the holding to bring up a repeat of 3rd down, Crosby could have made a 51 yarder…if you don’t have confidence in the kicker early in the game,how will he do when it’s the last play of the game? so, because of McChubbys fauz pas…he basically had to go for it on 4th down late…I’m betting Crosby makes both kicks and have have a nearly unsurmountable lead of 36-27…I’d vtake my chances with that…would you?

    • Mike King

      Where in your right mind would you have confidence he would make both kicks? Was it his 65% accuracy last year? Maybe his awful performance at family night? I agree Packers go for it on 4th down, but it was an awful call considering who we had in the back field. Completely different if Lacy is in there. I agree with the play action bootleg with option to run or throw for Rodgers. I also would have liked to have seen a quick pitch to get Franklin to the edge and let him see if he could make it that way.

  • Galileo

    mcchubby is the worst game day coach with the amount of NFL experience he has…Monday thru Saturday he’s great,not so much gameday..if Crosby can’t make a 51 yarder on turf,with slight winds and no pressure,you kept the wrong kicker…the running play called on 4th and 1 was terrible, especially on the road, with our weak OL, that play was stuffed from the get go…you’ll never see Franklin get a similar carry in the NFL…in summation , let Crosby kick early, boost his confidence,then late in the game that 32 yarder ices it…a no brainer McChubby…kinda like accepting the penalty to let the niners repeat 3rd down early in game instead of 4th and 1….same kind of brain farts fat man…sweating up a storm in a windbreaker ,who is he trying to fool?

    • Mike King

      You are a real class act…

      • Galileo

        thanks, I’m glad you see the greatness and astute observations

    • Loren Baldwin

      I totally agree with your assessment on MM. For being a head coach for as long as he has, he calls a really questionable game. Even last year , there were times when he didn’t even know the rules as to what was a challengable call and what wasn’t. That 4th down call was absolutely the worst! Even a counter play or some kind of misdirection would certainly given Franklin at least a fighting chance to pick up 1/2 yard. Every play that is called seems to be so predictable with no deception at all. Why not roll Rodgers out of the pocket and at least give him an option to run or pass. The way the Bengals D-line was batting balls away, why call the same play twice in a row? SMH!!

  • Dixon W Aldridge

    McCarthy should have called for a Field Goal on 4th & 1 in 4th quarter!
    McCarthy SHOULD NOT have acted like an Ass by insulting his QB on national TV!

  • Steve

    I have a low opinion of Green Bay coaching, especially the defensive and offensive play calling. They seem predictable.