Brett Favre will be brought back into the Packers family, so says team President Mark Murphy. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Brett Favre is an egotistical traitor


Brett Favre turned 44 yesterday.

Who cares?

When Brett Favre made the selfish decision to go to Minnesota instead of competing for QB1 on the Packers and Ted Thompson made one of the best decisions in Packers history to put his faith in Aaron Rodgers, Packers Nation was split into two factions: Favre fans and Packers fans.

Favre made it completely clear that going to Minnesota was a vengeance move. He wanted to prove to Ted Thompson that he could win a Super Bowl and best the only team he’d never beaten in his NFL career: The Green Bay Packers.

Ted Thompson and Aaron Rodgers’ 2010 Super Bowl season and sweep of the Favre-led Minnesota Vikings sent the egotistical Favre into a fury.

He went to the media to declare that he built the Packers roster and it wasn’t a big deal that Rodgers won the Super Bowl with such a talented cast around him.

Brett Favre wasn't too pleased that his understudy, Aaron Rodgers, led the Packers to a Super Bowl title. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Brett Favre wasn’t too pleased that his understudy, Aaron Rodgers, led the Packers to a Super Bowl title.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Let’s just forget how many players went onto IR during the 2010 Super Bowl season.

Packers fans cannot seriously give Favre a standing ovation when he returns to Lambeau.

When Rodgers and Thompson publicly state they want Favre back, it’s only politics. They don’t want to make the Green Bay Favre fans mad.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Favre going to Minnesota was a slap in the face to the most loyal fan base in sports. He cast aside a city that loved him, even after he publicly battled alcoholism and addiction to Vicodin.

He cast aside a city that continued to show support for him when he all but quit on the Packers in the 2007 NFC Title Game.

He cast aside a city that stood with him through the humiliating home playoff defeats to historically inferior quarterbacks such Mike Vick of the Falcons and Daunte Culpepper of the Vikings.

He cast aside a city that stood with him after a 6 INT performance against St. Louis in the playoffs and the 4th and 26 playoff game against Philadelphia when Favre threw a wounded duck into the Philadelphia night on the Packers first possession of overtime of a game they should have won.

Mike Sherman talks with Brett Favre at training camp in 2004. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Mike Sherman talks with Brett Favre at training camp in 2004.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Through all of his playoff interceptions, Packers fans stood by him.

Brett Favre will have his number retired in Green Bay because Packers fans are too nice. They will always do their best to be on the “nice” side of everything. It’s not in their nature to argue and ruffle feathers.

I couldn’t be happier for Packers fans that stood by Thompson, Rodgers and the Packers organization. I couldn’t be happier that Brett Favre had to live with Aaron Rodgers winning a Super Bowl. I couldn’t be happier that Vikings fans had to feel the sting of a Brett Favre playoff interception.

This Packers fan has no intention of letting Favre back into Lambeau after he publicly declared war against a franchise that continually stood by him during his lowest hours.

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  • Daniel Smith

    why haven’t more prople signed the petition to

    Prevent Any Reconciliation Between the Packers and Brett Favre?
    by E. Wolf

  • Ethan Elliott

    Favre should have his Number, Jersey, helmet, anything else retired by the GB Packers because he put Title back into Title Town. Don’t take away what Brett Favre GAVE to the Green Bay Packers. It took 30 YEARS for the Packers to win another Super Bowl after the Lombardi era. Rodgers had a first class seat to learn from an all-time great. Favre may have went out a bitter way but he shouldn’t be shunned after proving his point. He could still play.

  • Pridenpoise

    You sound like a giant idiot. I’m not a Packer fan, and there is no one I enjoyed watching play the QB position more than Favre, yes he threw some picks at critical times in games, he also threw a hell of a lot of TDs, you’re pissed because Green Bay wanted to retire him and he was not ready to, so he left. I will tell you another thing the Vikings would have and should have won that game against the AINTS need I remind you the late hits and illegal shots he was talking all game, Rodgers would have been crying for his mother after one of those hits, there was no tougher QB in the league and there never will be imho, so when you say these things you sound like a jilted bitch, get over it, and be thankful for the years Favre gave you. You ingrate.

    • Ben Bergh

      Although Farves toughness was unlike no other, let’s not knock Rodgers for his. He’s been put on his a$$ as much as just about anyone and he’s missed what one game?

      • Pridenpoise

        Talk to me when he’s played in 321 straight games. It will never be done again.

        • Ben Bergh

          I at no point claimed he was as tough as Favre or did I question Favres toughness. Simplysaying claiming Rodgers would “be crying for his mamma is a bit extreme.

  • Matt Lament

    Shocker. The guy who wrote this is 23 and didn’t have the joys of watching Randy Wright/Don Majkowski/Mike Tomczak/Anthony Dilweg/Blair Kiel start at Quarterback for the Packers in the four seasons before Brett Favre came to town. This article is terrible. Did Brett Favre let Michael Vick and Daunte Culpepper torch the Packers defense? Did Brett Favre let Freddie Mitchell cakewalk through the middle for a 26 yard gain on 4th and 26? And he “quit” in the 2007 NFC title game? Funny, you don’t mention him calming and rallying the troops a week earlier when Ryan Grant’s two early fumbles found the team in an immediate 14-0 hole in the Divisional Playoffs against the Seahawks.

    This is just ridiculous. I know there’s a lot of trash on the internet, but this piece really holds its own amongst the best of it.

    • Pridenpoise

      Now I get it, the moron that wrote this drivel is 23, that explains everything, he was in huggies when Favre was lighting up the league.

  • Ben Bergh

    I hear you on points made in this article but my bitterness for Favre is gone at this point. I was as angry as anyone when the Minnesota debacle went down the way it did. Favre to an extent was correct in claiming he built the franchise but he’d have been better off during his pie hole because most Packer fans realized it without having to be told. He lost games for the same reason he won games because he want afraid to take chances, and as furious as that made me at times he was fun to watch. Once the smoke cleared, as a packer fan, I do appreciate all the things he did for us. Let’s not forget we’ve had one losing season and one 8-8 season, in what twenty years, and Favre played a major part in that.

    • Andrew G. Davy

      “He lost games for the same reason he won games because he want afraid to take chances, and as furious as that made me at times he was fun to watch.”

      And, to me, that is the greatest thing Rodgers took away from watching Favre.

      • Ben Bergh

        I agree that I don’t hold my breath on deep passes Rodgers throws as I tended to do with Favre. I would take Rodgers over Favre any given day but the one thing, and probably the only Rodgers struggles with its his ability to come back late in games. Statistically Rodgers isn’t fantastic in those types of games. Sure Favre threw plenty of picks in that position but, especially earlier on his career, he’d put is in position to win those games. His first game as a packer its testament to that. That’s what made it fun and sometimes heartbreaking. I in no means prefer him over Rodgers, but I can certainly appreciate him for all he was, and wasn’t. He’s thrown allot of interceptions late in games, playoff games noted, but he’s also helped get those teams there as well.

        • cudskickmy

          Not all that many opportunities to come back late in a game when you’re either winning by 20 or losing by 20 (rare). Those 20 point come from behind wins in the 4th quarter are a cinch for everyone other than A-Rod?

          • Ben Bergh

            Yeah but if you look up the stats on it Rodgers is something like 5-24 in those situations. Yeah some of that has to do with the defense not being able to hold the leadwhen he moves the offense down for the go ahead score but those still aren’t very good numbers. In all fairness I did go back and look into favres numbers in those situation and they weren’t nearly as good as I expected but still better. As I’ve said many times there isn’t a quarterbackI’d rather have than Rodgers, but he isn’t without his flaws. None really are though, are they?

  • Andrew G. Davy

    This situation provided me with a two kinds of Packers fans. Favre fans and Packer fans.

    As a fan, I am loyal to the team and not to one player. Let me refresh the story:

    It is well documented that Favre was given the opportunity to compete for the starting quarterback job the summer after he retired. While Aaron Rodgers was attending Mike McCarthy’s quarterbacks school and putting in the work to become the starting QB, Brett Favre was in Mississippi doing God knows what.

    Favre came back to Green Bay and wanted to be anointed the starting quarterback. Thompson and McCarthy informed him that Aaron Rodgers had been putting in the work all summer and if Favre wanted to be on the Packers he would have to compete for a starting job against Rodgers.

    Favre’s sole purpose after hearing that news was to destroy the Green Bay Packers. Do I respect the great things he did for the Packers, like winning 1 Super Bowl in 16 years as a starting quarterback? Sure.

    Favre was outstanding for Was he solely responsible for bringing the Packers out of their position as league doormats? Definitely not. The same Packers front office that was smart enough to trade for Favre also surrounded him with a lot of talent.

    So, to have an attitude that Brett Favre is solely responsible for the Packers return to greatness doesn’t make sense to me.

    I’ll say it again, Brett Favre’s sole purpose when he left Green Bay was to come back and destroy the Packers organization. That’s why Thompson and Green Bay put a clause in the trade to the Jets that didn’t allow Favre to play for Minnesota that season. Favre made it clear from the beginning that he wanted to beat Green Bay. I’m not down for that.

    Who came out on top? After going through the torture of two losses to a Favre led Vikings team, Aaron Rodgers and Ted Thompson got the last laugh, sweeping the Favre led Vikings in 2010, and hoisting the Lombardi Trophy, something Favre couldn’t do with the Vikings. The Packers and Packer fans won. Vikings fans and Brett Favre fans lost.

    The greatest thing Rodgers learned from Favre was how not to be Favre. Rodgers learned by watching all of Favre’s macho-man gunslinger idiotic interceptions that he should be more like a Brady and less like a Favre. Rodgers is on pace to have a much more consistent career than Favre. I love not having to worry about the stupid interceptions.

  • Apple Jacks

    disappointed si even let this piece of garbage on their site….what a bum

  • RyansDad

    Having returned to Lambeau from my current home in Nevada, I was there when Favre played his “spoiled brat” game. What stuck in my mind was that throughout the 6 hours of discussions, Favre never once focused on what he could. Bring to the Packers – it was all about Favre and how he was being screwed over.
    I’ve been a Packer fan since 1951 – and I ‘m just saying that Favre, the person doesn’t measure up to the Packers of the past whose numbers hang in Lambeau.
    On the other hand, Favre was instrumental in turning around the Packer years in the doldrums, was probably the best Quarterback to play the game ( so far) and is probably the toughest football player in history.
    However, was it Favre or was it the Wolf- Holmgren team that should get most credit for the Packer resurgence? Probably few of you are aware that the Packers SUCKED prior to Lombardi’s arrival in Green Bay. Yet he immediately turned a bunch of losers into winners – essentially the same bunch of guys.
    So does it make sense to give Favre all the credit for the Packers success? Probably not.
    Reality says he will return, have his number retired and drift off into the sunset. That’s fine.
    But his absence during future Packer special events will settle the issue if the man’s character.
    I’ll leave it at that

  • Angel

    Favre lost in that NFC championship game cause of the already forgotten BOUNTY…. after getting killed play after play, Favre STILL went back out on that field. That game was better than the Superbowl. I’m not even a Packer fan or Vikings fan. Favre is going to Canton. Favres best buy commercial is far better than this article.

    Since birth
    Go Raiders!!

  • mike b.

    I am 60 , and been a PACKER fan all my life, that being said when a player will leave the team because he does not get his way that is when i part way with the player, remenber PACKER fan , not a BRETT fan, I agree 110% with this story!!

  • Michael Kessler

    I couldn’t agree more, as I’ve written many times before. Favre deserves a ceremony where he is hung in effigy. To honor this man after the way he dishonored the Packers would be disgusting.

  • hooter1

    i thought he left green bay and went to play for the jets….if one is going to spew venom towards a living legend such as farve, at least try and gets the story correct. jeez… happy that you now have another top notch quarterback guiding your team and quit removing all doubt about the type of person you are…be happy, life is not that bad.

  • drpsych

    You are not even old enough to remember all that Favre did for Green Bay. It had been 29 YEARS since the team had gone to the playoffs when Favre came to the Packers. The information you quote is also highly suspect. Favre NEVER stated he was going to Minnesota for revenge. For God’s sake, Green Bay had let him go and so had the Jets. He got offered a high paying job and it took it. You were just born the year Favre started, You should be prohibited from writing this drivel.

  • ATM

    Hey Andrew, the premise of your article is flawed. Favre wasn’t going to get to compete for the starting job in Green Bay. Thompson told him to retire after the fiasco in -4 degrees v. the NYG in the NFC Championship game. Favre proved that night that he couldn’t lead his team to the championship any longer and the team decided that they were moving on to Aaron Rodgers. Favre agreed then changed his mind and forced the packers to trade him. He couldn’t do it in NY and cost the Jets a playoff berth with a late INT and he screwed the Vikings with a late interception too when they were the best team in football. Favre proved Thompson right by going to MN. And I for one was happy to see him in purple because it meant with 100% certainty that MN would not win a Lombardi Trophy as long as #4 was the QB.

  • TJ

    What an embarrassing article from someone who is not even from Wisconsin! Obviously you have no idea nor any clue what actually happened in Green Bay or With Brett Favre. Go be a reporter for the Patriots or Jets don’t taint the packers with this BS