Green Bay Packers Victory Monday! Good, Bad and Ugly

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Jarrett Boykin had a couple of drops and mistimed routes, but did catch a quick pitch and run that went for 42 yards.


I’ve seen this kid be a playmaker, so I know he is capable. But yesterday, he was awful for most of the game. When James Jones and Randall Cobb went off the field, I scanned our remaining receivers and got very scared. The Ravens could have triple teamed Jordy Nelson and been fine. Boykin was dropping passes left and right. Aaron Rodgers had to make some rushed throws, yes. Pressure was in his face for a good bit of the game. But there were times when Boykin was 5 feet from the ball and didn’t even try to make a play on it. The only thing that worked to his advantage was a quick screen pass that he took 43-yards. He is quick and evasive in space, a real threat. But he needs to catch the ball first.


4th and 21

C’mon, Man! That is all I could say when Flacco completed that 64-yard hail Mary in the desperation of the 4th quarter. The Packers defense had been making stops all day. Davon House was a stud, Sam Shields was a stud. But wow; just wow. Morgan Burnett tripped and fell on the play, or we might not be having this discussion. But because we are … I am calling this a bad play. But the Ravens have a record of doing just this. 4th and 26 with Ray Rice and now 4th and 21 on Flacco … but c’mon boys. Help Rodgers out and get off the field!


We will see to what extent we are losing James Jones and Randall Cobb, but this is bad. It’s very bad.

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