Matt Flynn will take the first team reps in practice while Aaron Rodgers continues his rehab, according to head coach Mike McCarthy. Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports photography

Keep Calm and Carry On, Green Bay Packers fans; we are in this together

It’s been a tough season and in particular a tough month for Packers fans, but things are bound to get better at some point. Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph



It’s another great morning, right, Green Bay Packers fans?

I know that it’s been hell dragging ourselves out of bed thinking about the fact that Aaron Rodgers isn’t our starting quarterback, and wondering what Dom Capers is going to do to fix the porous defensive line and the defensive backfield that has allowed receivers to run as wide open as the deer in Wisconsin farm fields the day after hunting season ends.

For any Packers fan, we have reached the lowest of the lows … in fact, having to think about being thankful after that Debacle in Detroit on Thanksgiving Day was simply brutal. I still am digging for reasons to be thankful … but it’s getting better. That’s the only direction we can go at this point.

We can continue to rail on the coaching staff, the seemingly lost cornerbacks, the safeties who are non-existent and the offensive line that has been, well, simply offensive. But what good will that do? Simply put, Packers fans, there is no question that our only option at this point is to follow Mike McCarthy’s lead and Keep Calm and Carry On.

I received a short email yesterday from our own Davey Miller who made an outstanding observation that I think needs sharing with everyone. He commented about how the injury to Aaron Rodgers has had a huge impact not only on the Green Bay Packers, but on Packers Nation as a whole. We’ve all been feeling like crap because the team is playing like crap and for the first time in many years the Packers are on the fringes of being locked out of the playoffs.
That being said, Rodgers’ injury has thrown a pall over everyone and not only is the offense not scoring points, the defense is on the field way too much and the Packers are losing the time of possession, as well as games.
As writers here at Lombardiave, we’re not accustomed to the wall we’ve hit. You’re not accustomed to the product on the field.

While it’s great to hear the cheering crowds, it’s not always possible. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

In fact, we’re all a bit shocked.

Extrapolating that outward, we here at lombardiave understand that you are having a hard time with it all. We know that it’s difficult for everyone to process – we are all wanting to look away … we don’t want to hear or read any more news about the Green Bay Packers.
But as fans, we have to and it’s all a part of the grieving process.
So, we will just continue to do what we have been doing, providing our readers, our Packers fans, with information, both good and bad, so we can move through this process together.
So, instead of hanging our heads here, this is our opportunity. This is our chance to make lemonade out of lemons. From adversity always comes that ray of light … the crack in the door that brings a whole new future. As journalists, our job is to inform … be it good or bad. Sure, we love it when AR is slinging TD passes and all is well in Mudville. But we all know that’s not the case and might not be for a while.
What we will continue to do is to produce content that you want to read and will come back to when everyone starts feeling better about things. We have to continue to look for the stories that make you think; we will keep looking ahead while keeping an eye on (but not necessarily dwelling on what has been). We will continue to provide stories that ask questions, stories that answer questions, stories that demonstrate ours (and your) passion and love for this team – keeping in mind that there’s nothing wrong with tough love.
With this shameless plug, I will note that we’ve got an incredible group of writers on this site – writers with a great deal of talent. Their job will be to continue to keep the focus ahead and to project that for our readers. They are down, too – after all, we are fans right along with you. Yes, this is a FAN site, but we are also journalists whose job is to provide accurate and objective information. While we may chant GO! PACK! GO! right along with you, we will also ask and try to answer the tough questions.

Right now we’ve got to hope that Matt Flynn gives us his best. Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

And as we move toward the part of the year – the offseason – when your interest piques, we will be here talking Packers. When other major sites are turning to basketball and baseball, we will offer Packers news every day. So, thanks for coming back. We are thankful you turn to sites like ours. We don’t do it for the money (what money?). We do it because we like to espouse or opinions and we like for others to hear and read them.

So keep that in mind as we head into the offseason – the free agency period, the draft, the OTAs, and right on back to training camp when it starts all over again.
Hopefully, Matt Flynn leads the Packers to a win tomorrow, Aaron Rodgers comes back soon, the Lions and Bears implode, and the season goes into January … in a perfect world that would be great.
Just remember that we don’t live in a perfect world, but it’s our job here to keep our your juices flowing and the possibilities in front of you.

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