When all the cheering stops, Packers players take to Twitter to tell us how they really feel. Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers players take to Twitterverse to talk about here and now


With the Baltimore Ravens‘ incredible victory on the road over the Detroit Lions last night, the Green Bay Packers now have their own destinies back in their hands – win the last two games and their in the Playoffs.

Who woulda thunk the team would get to this point? … Well, if you’ve watched the Lions implode in the past, you probably knew the chances were still there, despite the fact that the Packers endured a winless November.

So, with last night’s result and the possible future ahead of them, we wondered what Packers players were saying about life as they see it today. I took to Twitter to hunt down some Packers players’ most recent tweets.

From their own mouths and keyboards, here are some of their most recent … enjoy …




































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