Green Bay Packers 2014 Draft Needs

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ted thompson

Let’s hope Ted Thompson has his game face on when the NFL Draft rolls around in about four months.
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When the 2013 season began for the Green Bay Packers, it looked promising.

Through the first eight weeks, the train seemed on course to deliver. However, very little was free of the microscope when Aaron Rodgers was sidelined with a collarbone injury on the opening drive of the week 9 grudge match against the Chicago Bears.

In fact, the piling up of injuries on both sides of the ball only served to highlight the gross weaknesses throughout the roster.

Yes, the season was cut short and mauled by injuries, the likes of which we haven’t seen since 2010. But maybe this ailing season was what was needed to expose the areas that sorely need upgrading this offseason. It isn’t enough to “just get by” anymore. Aaron Rodgers always gives this team a chance and with the addition of Eddie Lacy and a formidable ground attack, the Packers need to start permanently fixing problems instead of wasting promising seasons by patching them.

Here are the immediate areas of concern for the Packers moving into the 2014 NFL draft:
(in order of urgency)

  • Safety
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Linebacker (inside)
  • Tight End
  • Backup QB

Ted Thompson is, and always has been, a draft and develop type of GM, drawing ire from casual fans around the start of free agency. Everyone wants to sign a big name free agent that will come in and immediately make a difference.

That kind of thinking will effectively kill any cap, especially one that is being nursed by a star quarterback and star outside linebacker.

The Packers are a fiscally sound organization and fans with more than the casual interest in a team will understand the allure of drafting and developing young talent.

With that said, let’s take a quick break from the reality that it is only January and pretend we have fast forwarded to May (yes, May this year).

Why should the Packers be focusing on the above weaknesses? Who has to go? Who can we build around? And what impact could each pick have in the upcoming season?

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