Keeping Green Bay reserve quarterback Matt Flynn in a baseball cap will mean all is right with the world.

If Matt Flynn leaves the Green Bay Packers, it's time to look toward the Draft

Could Matt Flynn have played his final game for the Green Bay Packers? Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Could Matt Flynn have played his final game for the Green Bay Packers?
Raymond T. Rivard photograph


Here it is the middle of April and the Green Bay Packers are in the same situation they were in last spring when they didn’t have a competent backup quarterback in-house.

Last year it was Graham Harrell and B.J. Coleman that the Packers were hanging their hopes on … this year it’s Matt Flynn and Scott Tolzien.

Reports today place Flynn squarely in the cross-hairs of the New York Giants and their new offensive coordinator, Ben McAdoo, the former Packers quarterbacks coach.

Given McAdoo’s familiarity with the Packers QBs, scoffing at the idea that this might just be two ships passing in the night isn’t reality. The Giants clearly have a sincere interest in Flynn. Since Flynn played for a prorated portion of the veteran minimum in Green Bay last winter, he will certainly be trying to better his pay day.

So where does that leave the Green Bay Packers should Flynn leave for the Big Apple?

It leaves them with Scott Tolzien as their number two QB behind all-world Aaron Rodgers.

We all saw how that played out last November.

Tolzien made two starts before the Packers scrambled to bring Flynn back into town. Though Flynn wasn’t the greatest at times, he played well enough to keep the Packers in the thick of the NFC North Division race until Rodgers returned for the final regular season game and the ensuing playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers.

His work in Rodgers’ stead was commendable and at times even phenomenal, but with him looking at greener pastures, it’s time for the Packers to either get serious with the Flynn negotiations or start planning on utilizing a draft pick for a quarterback.

All indications are that the Packers were considering drafting a quarterback in this year’s deep draft, but should they lose Flynn to free agency, they may look at bringing in not just one, but possibly two new quarterbacks either directly through the draft or by signing an undrafted free agent to the roster.

Of course, it’s all speculation at this point as Flynn is still unsigned.

Stay tuned …

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  • billy

    ” even phenomenal”….wow….gimme some of that kool-aid!!!!!

  • Phillip

    I wish people would give Tolzien a break. Look the dude wasn’t even on the practice squad until week 1, meaning he had no offseason or preseason with the team, than after just 8 weeks on the practice squad he’s brought up to start with very limited knowledge of the playbook and no chemistry with the WR’s, the dude was tossed into a lose lose situation. Now had the season been over, had Tolzien had more time to play, i guarantee he would of gotten much better, he showed outstanding arm talent and showed he wasn’t scared to throw the ball downfield at all, he also showed some nice mobility too, 3 things Matt Flynn lacked big time. Now if there wan’t such an emphasis on winning at the time and Tolzien had a half season to progress, i guarantee he would of been putting up some nice numbers towards the end of the season, he wasn’t even bad when he was in except for a couple of inexperienced mistakes, complete 61%, threw for like 700 yards and threw some really nice passes, it was just a bad situation, rookies start out with more than he did in Green Bay, on top of him having limited playbook knowledge, it also seemed McCarthy stayed really conservative with the playcalling and having him throw too many quick outs rather than just letting him drop back and throw down field. Now this year, he’s gonna have a full offseason and preseason, guarantee if he works as the #2 the whole time, no matter who they bring in for competition he’s gonna beat em out for the #2 spot in preseason, so even if Flynn is resigned, he’s gonna be cut after preseason anyway. Tolzien will be just fine as our #2 this season.

  • Mike Brand

    although i wish they would have brought in flynn for one more year for tolzien to work with i think tolzien will be ok. he has had a full off season to watch tape and learn the play book and come otas he will have work with the #1 team as well as the #2 team i think tolzien will be ok with all this under his belt now

  • JaKa

    Looking back to the games Flynn took the reigns on last year, it’s plain to see that even with him, it’s not an ideal situation. Can you imagine what they’d do with only Tolzien? There is a large drop-off from Rodgers to Flynn, and the same from Flynn to Tolzien, looking at what he has done in the past. But then again, I said that about Rodgers taking over for Favre. Tolzien is not an answer either. To draft even a 1st round quarterback will not give a fair shake to that draft choice, should the Packers do so, because it takes time to run that style offence, beyond most other types. McCarthy once said he would need about two years to have anyone ready out of college, even if they ran a West-Coast scheme in college, seeing how the pros improvise among other important duties in running the offence. Ted Thompson is giving Flynn the same cut most others get to play for Green Bay. While TT still can get most players to accept the cut, in comparison to what others might pay out, if the team doesn’t start going deeper into the playoffs, along with grabbing a tight hold on leading the North division, he might not be able to get as many players to accept the cut in pay. Knowing there’s a good chance to be in a division championship or the Superbowl might be worth losing a small percentage that will be made back when going deep in the playoffs. If there is no way to get back the lost pay, why sign for less?

    Thompson has to figure Flynn will sign for less than the years played paycheck in the end, but the team is still on the lookout for a big name player, after seeing nobody make offers in his quest for a team. If TT doesn’t sign him over or under the going rate, a .500 backup will wind up looking far better than a half prepared win-less rookie, a walk-on, or a tryout the Vikings dumped. Flynn is certainly worth MM investing a little more time on, like just enough to make for consistency.