Aaron Rodgers is tackled by Seattle Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner (54) and defensive tackle Clinton McDonald (69) at CenturyLink Field. Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports photograph

NFL: Only the Green Bay Packers can stand up to the Seattle Seahawks

It seems the NFL thinks the Green Bay Packers are the only team that can match up sufficiently in a prime time game at CenturyLink Field and Safeco Field.
Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-USA TODAY Sports photograph


With the report yesterday by Curtis Crabtree of NBC Sports that the NFL is “wary” of scheduling the Seattle Seahawks in prime time games at home, one can only think that the league officials are pretty confident in the Green Bay Packers.

In fact, it’s the Packers that were the last team to give the Seahawks a prime time battle in the Pacific Northwest – their 14-12 loss in the now-famous “Fail Mary” game of 2012.

Since then, according to the report, the Seahawks have beaten the 49ers 42-13 and 29-3 on Sunday night the past two seasons, and their Monday night game at home last December against the Saints wasn’t even close – Seattle destroyed the Drew Brees-led Saints 34-7.

And that’s why he Seahawks have just one home prime time game this season, the league opener Sept. 4 against the Packers. The league frowns on blowouts, especially in prime time. Advertisers and league officials don’t want fans clicking off to watch re-runs of the Big Bang Theory or a made-for-TV crime movie at halftime of the game. They want to keep them on the edge of their seats.

Though the Seahawks are the champions of the American football world, the league surely has confidence in an Aaron Rodgers-led Packers team giving the Seahawks all they can handle on prime time. That should also be reassuring to Packers Nation that also feels the Packers can give the Seahawks a battle, even if it’s at the loudest stadium on the planet.

That’s why the league opted not to open the season with what many thought was the most logical matchup – against their West Division rival San Francisco 49ers. As has already been noted, the Seahawks have easily handled the Niners during previous regular season prime time matchups. The League doesn’t want to take the chance that will happen again.

So, it’s good to see they’ve got confidence in the Packers to bring their A-game to Seattle. It’s also pretty clear that the league isn’t going to give Seattle prime time home games because of the fact that they beat most teams handily in those games.

Crabtree reports that Green Bay, Philadelphia, Denver and Dallas all  host three nationally-televised games this upcoming season. Another 15 teams host two in primetime. The Seahawks get  one at home.

Not only is Green Bay looking for vindication in this opener, they are looking to take a positive step in the direction of another championship. If the Packers beat the Seahawks on the road, in the league season opener and with the entire world watching, it will be a huge step for the franchise and the league.

But if the Packers don’t win but keep it close, it will also show the world that parity in the league is alive and well. It will also be an indication that this season opener won’t be the last time these two teams will meet in 2014. Something tells me these two teams will meet again somewhere down the road …

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  • Peter Maiz

    Pete Carroll is very astute and has the Seahawks working to perfection. As a Packers fan, I think the Seahawks have the upper edge. They’re playing at home and their stadium is lethal on visitors. Secondly, they have the best defense in the league and are very tough against the pass. The Packers are a defensive basket case.
    I think the game will come down to whether Seattle can stop the running game. If they can, they will stop the new modus operandi of the Packers.
    The key to the game will be if Green Bay can have a defense on day one.

  • RegisHawk

    I suspect GB was the best of bad choices, at least as far at the League/media were concerned.

    Better Choices:
    a) Broncos – I’m not buying the “boring blowout” story for this. The season opener should have been a SB rematch, if only because the odds of the 2 SB teams’ divisions playing each other in the following year are so remote; but for some reason they didn’t bother to rearrange the standard preseason schedule, so Seattle is in Denver for preseason Week 1 and would be playing again one month later.

    b) 49ers – This is a marquee game, which I believe is what worked against it as an option. The equivalent of an NFC Championship rematch is too big a draw in its own right to waste on the first game of the season.

    Worse Choices:
    a) Cowboys – Get real. Words cannot express my disdain for a team whose biggest claim to fame is…claiming fame. They’ve been a .500 team for longer than the Raiders have been bad and should be getting treated accordingly, but their owner acts just crazy enough to keep them in the spotlight.

    b) Cards/Rams – not enough of a draw in their own right, which is a shame. A Cards/Rams at Seahawks game would be pretty intriguing, but probably not enough on a national scale to be considered.

  • Taryn Miller

    Whatever the reason for the NFL to make this match up the season opener is on my ‘don’t care’ list.

    What I do care about,regardless of the 1st game match up is what the Packers do on defense.

    Their play needs to instill more than hope that another lacking isn’t evident but an actual erasure of sense, that it is only hope….GO PACK GO!!!

    • RyansDad

      Hey Taryn -
      I think this is great for the Packers!! MM will use this as motivation for what I strongly suspect will be a vastly improved defense. If I’m right, this will be something like a 10-7 ball game. Hopefully, the Pack will have the ten, but even if they lose a close one at Seattle, they will put the league on notice. I have a really good feeling about this season.

  • Section 339

    It will be a great match up. Packers are a great franchise with a stand up coach and quarterback. Winning the NFC North was quite a feat last season. Congratulations.
    As a season ticket holder in Seattle and one of the loyal 12′s I have seen several games between the Packers and Seahawks. Really looking forward to this opener as well. It will be a challenge and a good starting measurement of both teams for sure. Thanks to the Packers for being such a great franchise. Something the Seahawks are striving to be too. Go Hawks!