Green Bay Packers: Second round prospects of interest

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Florida State Seminoles defensive back Terrence Brooks Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Florida State Seminoles defensive back Terrence Brooks Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

So much attention is given to the NFL Draft’s first round and as Green Bay Packers fans, we are always interested in that round. 

However, many mock drafts and top analysts focus solely on the opening picks of the draft.  There is good reason for this, since these prospects’ natural gifts and college production has earned them the privilege of the pre-draft limelight.

However, there are so many prospects that will have an immediate impact on NFL teams who will be selected later in the draft. This is especially true in this year’s draft, which has been called the deepest in years. 

There will be multiple players selected in the second round that would likely be first round picks in any other year’s draft class.

This is why I have carefully narrowed my list of players to four players who I believe will be prime prospects of interest for the Green Bay Packers when they are on the clock in the second round. I will also give attention to several players who have been rumored as possible second round picks that I don’t believe fit the bill for the Packers.   

While it is difficult to predict who will be on the board when the Packers select, I am fairly confident that we can remove a few players from consideration.  Kyle Van Noy, Jimmie Ward, and Jace Amaro are all likely to be off the board by the time Green Bay picks.  In the event they are still available, they would warrant significant consideration. However, for the sake of what is more likely, I have removed their names from the conversation. 

Who’s left then?

I believe one of these four players could very well be the chosen with the Green Bay Packer’s 53rd pick in the 2014 NFL Draft.

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