Jermichael Finley Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Two reasons why Jermichael Finley won't be back in Green Bay: Nelson and Cobb

Jermichael Finley … that’s a name that results in a couple of different reactions from fans of the Green Bay Packers.

Finley, the-never-afraid-t0-say-what-he-thinks free agent tight end whose career is still in limbo, has been tied to several teams that may want to employ him – if he’s healthy enough to get back on the field.

In addition to the Packers, Finley has been tied to the Oakland Raiders, New England Patriots and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Steelers’ team doctor, Dr. Joseph C. Maroon, who also doubles as Finley’s personal doctor, has cleared him to play football once again.

The Packers’ doctors have not cleared Finley and there doesn’t seem to be any pending announcement coming out of Green Bay.

Jermichael Finley Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Jermichael Finley
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

But that doesn’t mean Finley isn’t still being considered by the Packers. Most likely, they are biding their time to see how Finley does on the open market and are waiting for the market to play out.

In the meantime, Finley has been positive about his future and priorities. Here are a couple of recent tweets by Finley:




Here’s what Chris Wesselling of said about Finley and the teams who have an interest in him:

The New England Patriots hosted Finley for a visit last Friday. The Packers still envision the tight end playing in Green Bay if his surgically repaired neck checks out. NFL Media Insider Ian Rapoport reports the Pittsburgh Steelers and Oakland Raiders have also shown interest in Finley. In fact, Rapoport adds that the free agent has visited the Steelers and been cleared by their team doctor, who also doubles as Finley’s doctor.

With the Packers facing the need to re-sign both Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb, as well as the fact that the team is a bit more stable with the re-signing of Andrew Quarless, one wonders just how much the Packers want to pursue the mercurial Finley.

My hope is that they move on, utilize their money wisely on the healthy and productive Nelson and Cobb, and that they develop the tight ends they have on the roster.

Why take a chance on Finley? He’s damaged goods who is going to want more than he is worth.

If he hadn’t suffered this injury, Finley most likely would have moved on for the big paycheck at the beginning of the free agency period back in March. The injury has slowed the process and Finley will most likely land somewhere at some point.

I don’t see him back in Green Bay in 2014, but I surely would like to see him play again … 

Just so it isn’t in Minnesota.

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  • Anthony Hughes

    finley come to Oakland we wont turn our back on you!

    • Phillip

      GTFO dude!!!

    • K.L.

      I like the Raiders and I hope they get him, but I don’t see how the Packers “turned their back” on him. They are doing what they believe is best for his long term health by not re-signing him.

    • Michael Castelaz

      No… you’ll exploit a guy who probably should play it safe and never make helmet to helmet contact again or risk being paralyzed. I’d rather root for the team that said, “We’re not so desperate that we’re going to put you in harms way, J-Mike. We care about you.”

  • Nevin Paustian

    What sucks is the packers won’t get a compensatory pick for him now.

  • Wendo225 .

    It’s unfortunate about his injury but I’d rather have Nelson and Cobb

    • Phillip

      Yes, no doubt.

    • K.L.

      Agreed. Plus, they already got their starting tight end of the future in Colt Lyerla.

      • Michael Castelaz

        God, I hope that’s true. I’m so effing excited for that guy.

  • Mike Brand

    my view on this is that the seahawks must have sat on this time waiting for all the pros and cons on him and the cons just outnumbered the pros. i really hate to say it it but his career is over or atleast the part where he thinks he will get over 10 mil a year. at best right now he is looking at a team to give him a chance but most likely vet min . its like buying a car would you pay full price for a new car after it was totaled out before at the factory. i really dont think to many teams are really even going to offer the vet min or a contract to finley. the part i dont understand is if you have a 10 mil ins policy why not take it and walk away while you can walk i mean the next hit could either kill him or make sure he never walks again . to me 10 mil to be able to walk is the best payday

    • Phillip

      It’s an insurance policy, i guarantee there’s certain criteria’s he’s got meet before he’ll be able to collect an insurance policy for a career ending injury and the fact that he’s already been cleared is probably gonna make it even more difficult to collect now. He’s got interest, he’s likely to get offered a deal, unless he’s got some stipulation to his policy that says he has to at least be offered a certain amount of money, he’s likely not gonna be able to collect the policy this year. Pretty sure the insurance company has wording that protects them from having to pay out if he just decides he don’t wanna play football anymore because he don’t wanna take the risk. If he’s to just try to walk away and collect, he’s likely gonna have to have 32 teams either have no interest cause of the injury or not clear him now, nobody knows the exact wording but it’s still an insurance policy, it’s likely not gonna make it easy for Finley to collect on and almost completely if not totally impossible if a team does clear him to play and offers him a contract. He also likely to get far more than a vet minimum, yeah he’s coming off injury, but everybody knows what he’s capable of doing, yeah, he’s not gonna get what he would if he was healthy, but likely to find a deal in the Raji range, a 1 year 4 mil prove it kind of deal, especially if a handful of teams get into the market for his services. If he stays healthy and returns to form he’s worth far more than the 4 mil risked. If for some reason he’s not getting good offers and if cleared by Green Bay i seriously doubt they’d let him walk for anywhere under 2 mil, Green Bay loses on a comp pick if he signs elsewhere this year, if cleared TT can bring him back cheap, Finley shows to return to form and than he can get his big offseason deal next year and TT would end up with a 3rd or 4th round comp pick in 2016. Who knows, something nobody knows how it will play out cause nobody knows the wording of his insurance policy. Even if he does play though, he can still continue to carry his 10 mil insurance policy as long as he continues to pay on it, still has that as a fall back if he takes that hit that ends his career anytime in the future.

      • Mike Brand

        more like the vet min desmond bishop got. there is a huge differnce between raji and finley raji is not damaged goods . so a 1 year 4 mil is not even gonna be on the table . i figure he would get a vet min 1 year deal and go from there. bishop proved why ted knows best he did not even get a full season at the vikings and the question is will he even play this year. same goes for finley he has the nick collins type injury and where is he today . the risk on finley right now is greater than the pay off to most teams now. the seahwaks seen something is why they decided not to follow through

  • Guest

    Lake Minnetonka is Viking country. His neck, ego & desire to get payed more then he’s worth, makes him expendable. Mr. Butterfingers is no Calvin Johnson.

    • Phillip

      Mr. Butterfingers??? That gets kind of blown out of proportion, gets a little ridiculous actually. It’s because he’s dropped routine passes, other than those though he’s been a pretty sure handed pass catching TE over his career catching almost 70% of his targets, right at like 69%. That’s actually pretty high, to put it in comparison with other great TE’s, Jimmy Graham right at 64%, Gronk just under 69%, Greg Olsen around 60%, Vernon Davis 62%, Dennis Pitta 65% and they’ve all had their fair share of drops too but nobody is complaining about their hands. It’s just the routine drops that have given his hands a bad name, but like i said he’s actually not as bad as people have blown it up to be.

      • Peter Maiz

        Thanks for clarifying. Finley, like the ones you mention, is very good after the catch.

  • Peter Maiz

    Finley had some enormous catches and was hard to bring down in open field. It’s sad that an injury can ruin the career of a very talented tight end. He fit the physical attributes of a tight end more than the guys we have, Bostick and Quarless. Nevertheless, Green Bay is so talented at other key positions, that the team can live without him. But we wish him the best wherever he plays.
    Rodgers and Lyerla have pretty good upside for the near future.

  • jjthetraveler

    My educated guess is the ins policy was for loss of career not loss of income. If he’s cleared to play then the policy doesn’t pay. Simple as that. If he wants more then he has to sign for whatever for 1 year. Then after proving he’s worth it then sign a big contract.

  • Jeff

    I think he should take the money and enjoy having his health all it would take is one solid hit and his legs go bye bye or even worse his life..I believe Lyerla is going to be our next star TE anyways the kid has everything it takes to be one..