Green Bay Packers #s 83 and 82: Triumph and tragedy

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Editor’s note: My apologies … Friday the 13th got the best of me. I got so bogged down in work and home that I didn’t have a chance to continue my ongoing series on the countdown to the Green Bay Packers season-opener at Seattle in September. Today, I bring you two numbers to catch up for my shortcomings – enjoy.

With 82 days left until the start of the NFL season, our countdown to the big day, Thursday, Sept. 4, when the Green Bay Packers travel to Seattle to take on the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks, we will focus on the the number that represents the number of days remaining … and because we missed yesterday’s countdown, we talk about two numbers today – 83 and 82.

packersbythe#sWe highly recommend “Packers by the Numbers: Jersey Numbers and the Players Who Wore Them,” by John Maxymuk. The book, which chronicles every Packers jersey number was published in 2003, so it may be a bit dated, but it provides a strong background of information about Packers players and their jersey numbers up to that point in time.

Our last focus, was on wide receiver extraordinaire Sterling Sharpe.

Today, our work is cut out for us … try to think of two players who have worn 83 and 82 for the Packers and you will understand. At 83, there is one I thought of off the the top of my head – wide receiver John J.J. Jefferson, and at #82, Paul Coffman came to mind.

But those aren’t the two players that Maxymuk places as his tops. At #83, he gives us none other than John Martinkovic (who, you might ask?), and at #82, I can’t argue much with his selection of Lionel Aldridge – even though the more popular pick might have been Coffman.

So, let’s take a closer look at the reasons why Maxymuk likes these two guys.

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