Eddie Lacy pounded and spun his way to more than 1,100 yards as a rookie. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Hoping Eddie Lacy's numbers decrease - here's why

Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy had the year for which everyone hoped – and then some.

Every time he got the ball in his hands, it seemed he was looking for somebody to punish – and usually found them. His pounding style was something Packers fan hadn’t seen in years. Yes, Edgar Benett, Dorsey Levens, Ahman Green and Ryan Grant didn’t shy away  from contact and spent much of their careers excelling in getting yards beyond the first defensive touch.

But none of them could hold a candle to Lacy, whose combination of power, shiftiness and speed propelled him to the Rookie of the Year Award.

Lacy averaged 4.1 yards per carry during his rookie season, carrying 284 times for 1,178 yards and 11 touchdowns. In addition, Lacy showed soft hands out of the backfield, catching 35 passes for another 257 yards. In all, Lacy carried the Packers with 1,435 yards from scrimmage and more than 300 touches for the season.

That’s a lot, especially given that Lacy played the entire season with a reckless abandon that will eventually catch up to him if it continues.

We never did get to see the full impact of a Rodgers- and Lacy-led offense last season and with both of them on the field this year, Packers fans hope the combination leads to big things in 2014.

I hope that changes and hope the Packers have a chance to pace Lacy’s touches in 2014.

We never did get to see the full impact of a Rodgers- and Lacy-led offense last season and with both of them on the field this year, Packers fans hope the combination leads to big things in 2014.

Couple that with the opportunity for the Packers to have as deep of a backfield as they’ve had, it’s only logical that the Packers look for ways to get James Starks and DuJuan Harris even more touches to offset the production of Lacy.

If Lacy’s production drops to 900 or 1,000 yards rushing next year I won’t be disappointed – that is if the Packers can get between 500 and 1,000 yards combined from Starks and Harris.

Eddie Lacy was flying high all season long for the Green Bay Packers. Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Eddie Lacy was flying high all season long for the Green Bay Packers.
Raymond T. Rivard photograph

Using Lacy wisely will be key to keeping his legs fresh and his production high.

Last year the Packers needed Lacy’s legs to keep them from falling below .500. They needed his legs to propel them to a third straight NFC North Division title and an appearance in the playoffs.

The team asked a lot from its rookie and he delivered.

But now it’s time to put the ball back into Aaron Rodgers‘ hands and use Lacy wisely.

If they do that, Lacy will be there to contribute to the team effort.

So, let’s see what Lacy can do when given more time to rest during the course of the game … If the Packers stay healthy and everything falls into place, Lacy’s numbers might not be as impressive as they were as a rookie.

But that’s what we want.




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  • Lukeskywalker88

    Well said. Lacy should talk to Jerome Bettis.

  • White Rabbit

    Bring on THE HURRICANE!!!
    I’d like to see Lacey’s rushing attempts drop but his receptions increase. Seeing him and Starks line up and slam into defenses repeatedly was fun to watch last year. This year the Play-action pass is going to make life very difficult for a lot of defensive coordinators, especially when Rodgers audibles at the line. How does a defense stay in a position to stop that? Here’s to seeing Hurricane top 1200 rushing and 500 receiving while seeing his touches drop below 300.

    • Phillip

      300-320 over a 16 game stretch would be ideal, 19 to 20 touches a game average. With 300 touches to get those #’s you’d like to see, he’d need say 250 carries at 4.8 ypc average and 50 catches at 10 ypc average, which is totally doable. That’s 10 yards per catch might be a little high, but with Rodgers under center it should give Lacy more room to work underneath on check downs. Damn sure ready for this season to start already.

      • White Rabbit

        Those were the numbers I was thinking of. I think it’s completely reasonable for him to get 10yds/rec, when you consider wheel routes, dump passes and screens all go to Lacy. A 3yd dump pass can easily get 5-7 yds, where a wheel route allows him to work in space more and turn those passes into 10 yard gains on a regular basis. The screens he racked up the bulk of his yardage last season and could do it again this year. Those are the home run type plays for Lacy.

  • millerforrest

    Having Rodgers behind center will help tremendously with Lacy. No longer will defenses be able to place 8 or 9 men in the box. That alone will help reduce the wear & tear on Lacy.

  • fred

    Ray is stupid how did the running back swichi g off work in 2012

  • Phillip

    This is a badly worded title. I don’t know who in there right mind would hope Eddie Lacy’s numbers decrease. I hope his numbers increase, hope he has more rush yards, more rec yards and a higher YPC average, only thing i wanna see decrease is the beating he takes. With Rodgers under center for 16 games there’s no reason that shouldn’t happen either while increasing his statistics and keeping the touches he had last year in 13, 13 1/2 games the same but over the entire 16 games this year. Aaron Rodgers under center with Lacy all year is gonna make life a lot easier on Lacy, and vise versa. Eddie Lacy is a workhorse, there’s no reason Green Bay should go crazy in limiting his touches, he had 319 touches last year, that’s a good number to keep him around for an entire 16 game stretch, that’s 20 touches a game, there’s no reason Green Bay should look to hold him to less than 18-20 touches every game on average. It’s the beating we hope decreases, not the numbers.

    • Vivian Cambell

      I think folks with insight instantly knew what the theme would be. I did and am only a 2nd year cheese head.