The Packers countdown continues: Mark Murphy and Leroy Butler

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With 36 days left until the start of the NFL season, our countdown to the big day continues.

Thursday, Sept. 4, is the day when the Green Bay Packers travel to Seattle to take on the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks.  

LButlerGBOver the  course of the next 36 days we focus on the number that represents the days remaining … and for today we take a look at two numbers, 37 and 36.

Our most recent look was at number 38, Robert Cal Hubbard – an inductee in the Packers Hall of Fame, Pro Football Hall of Fame and Major League Baseball Hall of Fame, among others. Check out his profile.

Today we focus in on numbers 37 and 36.

There have been a few very good players who have worn #37 for the Packers. The most notables have been defensive backs. Consider Sam Shields and Tyrone Williams.

But today we go back to the 1980s with a profile on Mark Murphy – and no, we aren’t talking about the Packers president.

We’re talking about the Packers’ Mark Murphy who also played safety. He was a hitter, playmaker and star in the Packers’ defensive backfield for 12 seasons during the gory years of the 1980s.

And for #36, we have to look at LeRoy Butler as today’s number feature.

John Maxymuk, the author of “Packers by the Numbers: Jersey Numbers and the Players Who Wore them,” brings us two entire chapters about these two former safeties in his book …

Here is how Maxymuk describes Mark Murphy …

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