Is Aaron Rodgers really worth chasing?

Aaron Rodgers, the football player, isn’t interested in being on TMZ.
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports photograph

Hey TMZ, Aaron Rodgers is a football player. He’ll probably be the first to tell you that he’s really not that interesting of a guy, so is it really appropriate for your cameramen to be hounding him as he makes his way around life?

They don’t care – in fact, their Internet posting last night was something like this “Aaron Rodgers … hits the clubs … still a sore loser.”

When the footage of TMZ shouting lame questions to Rodgers about Colin Kaepernick and Aaron Hernandez was released yesterday it became clear to me that maybe TMZ should go looking for Bieber or Lohan.

First of all, Rodgers could care less about Kaepernick and Hernandez. When captured on film on a night out, it looked to me like Rodgers was in for a relaxing evening and wasn’t interested in talking about fellow NFL players who have been captured in the spotlight.

It’s all pretty stupid – as you can see here …


Rodgers, irritated with the paparazzi, tells the cameraman he might get a real job someday, to which the reporter whines something back about being the one who gets him into the magazine. Rodgers, disinterested, gets into the vehicle to leave the area.

But it’s nice to know that at least one in the crowd would be picking Rodgers for his fantasy team.

I think it’s time for Training Camp to start, don’t you?