Brett Favre is an egotistical traitor

Brett Favre, according to the author of this piece, is a traitor unworthy of the Packers fans’ love and respect.
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Brett Favre turned 44 yesterday.

Who cares?

When Brett Favre made the selfish decision to go to Minnesota instead of competing for QB1 on the Packers and Ted Thompson made one of the best decisions in Packers history to put his faith in Aaron Rodgers, Packers Nation was split into two factions: Favre fans and Packers fans.

Favre made it completely clear that going to Minnesota was a vengeance move. He wanted to prove to Ted Thompson that he could win a Super Bowl and best the only team he’d never beaten in his NFL career: The Green Bay Packers.

Ted Thompson and Aaron Rodgers’ 2010 Super Bowl season and sweep of the Favre-led Minnesota Vikings sent the egotistical Favre into a fury.

He went to the media to declare that he built the Packers roster and it wasn’t a big deal that Rodgers won the Super Bowl with such a talented cast around him.

Brett Favre wasn’t too pleased that his understudy, Aaron Rodgers, led the Packers to a Super Bowl title.
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Let’s just forget how many players went onto IR during the 2010 Super Bowl season.

Packers fans cannot seriously give Favre a standing ovation when he returns to Lambeau.

When Rodgers and Thompson publicly state they want Favre back, it’s only politics. They don’t want to make the Green Bay Favre fans mad.

It shouldn’t be forgotten that Favre going to Minnesota was a slap in the face to the most loyal fan base in sports. He cast aside a city that loved him, even after he publicly battled alcoholism and addiction to Vicodin.

He cast aside a city that continued to show support for him when he all but quit on the Packers in the 2007 NFC Title Game.

He cast aside a city that stood with him through the humiliating home playoff defeats to historically inferior quarterbacks such Mike Vick of the Falcons and Daunte Culpepper of the Vikings.

He cast aside a city that stood with him after a 6 INT performance against St. Louis in the playoffs and the 4th and 26 playoff game against Philadelphia when Favre threw a wounded duck into the Philadelphia night on the Packers first possession of overtime of a game they should have won.

Mike Sherman talks with Brett Favre at training camp in 2004.
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Through all of his playoff interceptions, Packers fans stood by him.

Brett Favre will have his number retired in Green Bay because Packers fans are too nice. They will always do their best to be on the “nice” side of everything. It’s not in their nature to argue and ruffle feathers.

I couldn’t be happier for Packers fans that stood by Thompson, Rodgers and the Packers organization. I couldn’t be happier that Brett Favre had to live with Aaron Rodgers winning a Super Bowl. I couldn’t be happier that Vikings fans had to feel the sting of a Brett Favre playoff interception.

This Packers fan has no intention of letting Favre back into Lambeau after he publicly declared war against a franchise that continually stood by him during his lowest hours.