Green Bay Packers defensive free agents: Who stays and who goes?

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Sam Shields

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8. Sam Shields — again, I’ve made it clear that I want Shields back. He’s a cornerstone in the secondary and is playing his best ball right now. He’s a keeper.

  • Returns to GB if – the price is right. Again, it is all about dollar signs. Shields played out his tender to see what he could get in free agency; well, he’s about to find out. The Packers need to act fast and sign this man to a big-time contract if they expect to keep his talents in Green Bay.
  • Walks from GB if – he is offered big money somewhere else. Chances are very good of this happening. He proved himself this year, coming on particularly strong near the end of the season. He showed he can match up against opposing teams’ number one receiver and that is a talent for which many will pay. As much as I hope and want him back next year and for years to come … it’s truly 50/50 right now.

So, with free agency right around the corner, take a minute and play Citizen GM … who would you keep? Who gets shown the door?

If it were up to me, I’m quickly drawing up contacts for:
1. Sam Shields
2. Jamari Lattimore
3. Mike Neal
4. Johnny Jolly
5. BJ Raji (if he seems in the mood to negotiate)

Everyone else … you can go.

Citizen GM