Green Bay Packers Week 6 Fantasy Profile

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TEs – Andrew Quarless, Richard Rodgers, Brandon Bostick

Sep 21, 2014; Detroit, MI, USA; Green Bay Packers tight end Andrew Quarless (81) celebrates after catching a pass for a touchdown during the first quarter against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Another week, another lack of performance by the TE group. The ‘big’ producer last week was Quarless, who put up all of 19 yards on two catches … obviously, more is needed from these guys as the year goes on.

Who is going to step up? Will Quarless act like the player who knows the offense the best (which he does)? Can Rodgers learn to block decent enough to stay on the field (hopefully soon)? Can Bostick fix his attitude and demeanor in practice so he actually gets the green-light for some meaningful game snaps (also hopefully soon)?

Right now if you have to choose someone here, you are S.O.L..but if you really do need one, the pick should be Quarless. He is the one here most likely to see the most snaps and while he may be limited in overall ability, he is the most reliable as of now.

Rodgers may be able to bring a random big play in like against Chicago, but I mean … you have to have a better option out there than a guy who made one play of not in 5 games.

And Bostick … if the coaches aren’t able to even say anything good about him and he isn’t seeing the field, should you trust him?

If there is a matchup to have the Packers TEs start making an impact, hitting the Dolphins and their bad LB corps is it. Unfortunately they may not take advantage, but we may see a random TD get tossed to one of them in the red-zone – most likely Quarless.

Predictions: 70 yards, 1 TD (Combined)
Verdict: Deep-League Flyer (Quarless); Do Not Start (Rodgers, Bostick)