Green Bay Packers 1942 draft fortifies the line

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Here we are sitting on NFL Combine weekend and just around the corner from the 2015 NFL Draft, a time when each of the 32 teams, including selections by the Green Bay Packers, will be made.

This year’s draft, for the first time in half a century, will be held this year in Chicago, Ill., beginning Thursday, April 30, and continuing through Saturday, May 2.

With that said, we’ve decided to take a look back at the Packers top choices in each of the drafts through the years – the first of which was held in 1936.

Here is our countdown of first round draft choices already published: 

1936 – Russ Letlow

1937 – Ed Jankowski

1938 – Cecil Isbell

1939 – Jerry Buhler

1940 – Hal Van Every

1941 – George Peskvan – but Tony Canadeo was seventh-rounder

We’ve decided to provide you with a full list of the draft picks from each year continuing right up until 2014 … which we will consider just as the draft is kicking off at the end of April and beginning of May.

Sounds like fun, right?

If nothing else it will give us a chance to look at how the draft process has changed over the years and remember the top draft selections made by the Packers and how they impacted the team and the league.

So, let’s keep the ball rolling today with the full list of Packers’ picks of the college players that were brought to Green Bay during the 20 rounds (Yes! 20 rounds!) of the draft in 1942:

1194219Urban OdsonTGNB194619490390Minnesota
21942324Ray FrankowskiGGNB1945194814213Washington
31942539Bill GreenBGNB0Iowa
41942649Joe KrivonakGGNB19461946040South Carolina
51942759Pres JohnstonHBGNB1946194601171190045218265411SMU
61942869Joe RogersEGNB0Michigan
71942979Noah LangdaleTGNB0Alabama
819421089Gene FlickCGNB0Minnesota
919421199Tom FarrisQBGNB19461948033311321321517-9011605Wisconsin
10194212109Jimmy RichardsonBGNB0Marquette
11194213119Bruce SmithHBGNB19451948031110100010856018791Minnesota
12194214129Bill ApplegateGGNB0South Carolina
13194215139Jim TrimbleTGNB0Indiana
14194216149Tom KinkadeBGNB0Ohio St.
15194217159Fred PrestonEGNB0Nebraska
16194218169Bob IngallsCGNB1942194211061Michigan
17194219179George BensonBGNB19471947010250Northwestern
18194220189Horace (Deacon) YoungBGNB0SMU
19194221194Henry WoroniczEGNB0Boston Col.
20194222199Woody AdamsTGNB0TCU
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If there’s a more uninteresting draft of the Green Bay Packers, this had to be it. The franchise’s two top draft choices, Urban Odson and Ray Frankowski, both linemen, did spend several years with the team, they certainly wouldn’t be spotted in a lineup by Packers fans of today.

It may have even been difficult for Packers fans of the era to recognize them.

But they did contribute to some successful season.s

Green Bay finished 8-2-1 in 1942.